Day 3 in Progress: Spring 2023 NABC Robot Individual

A total of 2507 players registered to ACBL’s Spring 2023 NABC Robot Individual, which is taking place from March 4-6.

As the event enters its final day, preliminary results from Day 2 are available through this link, with the official results to follow after cheating checks have been completed.

Results after Day 2

After two sessions, Andrea Boldrini (mattopo) from Roma, Italy has emerged as the leader with an impressive score of 71.80%. Eric Robinson (CorpLaw) from Park City, UT is currently in second place with a score of 70.06%, followed closely by Samuel Ieong (sieong) from Mountain View, CA with a score of 68.84%.

The competition has been intense, and with one day left to go, the players are no doubt feeling the pressure as they strive to secure their positions on the leaderboard. It remains to be seen who will come out on top, but one thing is for sure: the competition is sure to be fierce.

Stay tuned for the final update tomorrow!

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