Play in the BBO-ACBL Club Championship Games – February 20-26

During the week of February 20-26 the regular ACBL Open Pairs at 10:10AM and 1:10PM, and the 8PM Speedball Pairs — are upgraded to ACBL Club Championship Games.

• Additional Masterpoints® and BB$ prizes for the top five pairs
Five prize winners, picked at random among all players
• No additional cost, you play the regular entry fees

Make sure you join in and play!

Schedule (US Eastern Time)

DayMorning - Open PairsAfternoon - Open PairsEvening - Speedball Pairs
Monday, February 2010:10 AM1:10 PM8 PM (IMPs)
Tuesday, February 2110:10 AM 1:10 PM8 PM (IMPs)
Wednesday, February 2210:10 AM1:10 PM8 PM (IMPs)
Thursday, February 2310:10 AM1:10 PM8 PM (IMPs)
Friday, February 2410:10 AM1:10 PM8 PM (IMPs)
Saturday, February 2510:10 AM1:10 PM8 PM (IMPs)
Sunday, February 2610:10 AM1:10 PM8 PM (IMPs)


  • Games award more ACBL Masterpoints to top finishers, depending on the total number of tables.
  • 10 BB$ to top 5 pairs in each of the ACBL Club Championship games.
  • 5 prizes of 5 BB$ to 5 lucky players in each of the ACBL Club Championship games.

The same Conditions of Contest apply to our ACBL Club Championship games as our usual Open Pairs and Speedball games.

How to join

  • Click ACBL WORLD and look for "ACBL Club Championship Games" (there's a Search box at the top)
  • There will be three games every day, Monday to Sunday, in the week of February 20-26, starting at 10:10AM1:10PM and 8PM US Eastern Time.
  • Log in 10-15 minutes or more before start time so you have time to register. Bring your favorite partner, or grab a new partner from the Partnership desk.
  • Games will be visible and open for registration about 2 hours before start time (from 8AM to 10AM, from 11AM to 1PM and from 6PM to 8PM US Eastern Time).

Don’t miss this fun week, with lots of players and extra prizes!

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