BBOers December Festival Winners

Thank you to everyone who took part in the BBOers December festival. We hope you enjoyed taking part, and that you had fun playing some interesting boards.

December Festival news round-up

Türkiye with its 204 players once again tops the leaderboard in this month's Country vs Country Championship, with an average player score of 57.38%. Very close behind was Norway with 56.25%. Scroll down to see the top 10 countries.

Lots of you got into the survivors too, with well over 10,000 players in each tournament. Very special congratulations go to all the prize winners listed below - well done!

For those of you who were playing the Stars and Platinum, we’re really sorry about the technical hitch that forced us to cancel this week’s tournament. It's been rescheduled to start next Monday, 12-14 December. Once again please accept our sincere apologies.

The BBOers December Festival Podiums

Country vs Country Championship3-Day Robot Survivor3-Day Mini Survivor
Serkan Unal (srknunal)Ove Hjelvik (nullve)Ben Kristensen (benjk)
Jerzy Kuhn (wiewiorek)Bernardo Biondo (berny75)Matko (ferem)
Jorge Andreas Barrera (santafe)Emil Kończak (EmilKon)Franz (123franz)

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Country vs Country
3 Day Robot Survivor
3 Day Mini Survivor

Country vs Country Championship

Top 10 Countries

CountryPlayers  Score
United States56355.62

Country vs Country Prize Winners

RankUsernameCountryScore (%)PointsPrize
1srknunalTürkiye71.9026.24100 BB$
2wiewiorekPoland70.8426.0450 BB$
3santafeWorld69.1225.8425 BB$
4FredericGermany65.8525.2410 BB$
5stragsUnited States65.7225.0410 BB$
6popovicDenmark65.3524.8510 BB$
7AbelsborgNorway65.0224.6610 BB$
8gretskyCanada64.9824.4710 BB$
9eel007007Canada64.9224.2810 BB$
10patomaquetSpain64.7823.9010 BB$
11vitcorItaly64.7723.635 BB$
12Mokh1World64.7723.635 BB$
13tefski1Norway64.6723.355 BB$
14sowestSweden64.5623.175 BB$
15asvNorway64.4422.995 BB$
162pikPoland64.2422.815 BB$
17ClausMJDenmark63.9722.645 BB$
18everneverGermany63.5922.465 BB$
19jbierigUnited States63.4122.295 BB$
20TiidukeWorld63.3522.125 BB$
21paulspenceUnited Kingdom63.1621.955 BB$
22zeke46United States63.0121.615 BB$
23schnurzelWorld62.9621.445 BB$
24fbwUnited States62.9521.275 BB$
25jcortinaUnited States62.6821.115 BB$
26julietmmUnited Kingdom62.5720.955 BB$
27galexyAustralia62.5620.785 BB$
28juneohUnited Kingdom62.5520.625 BB$
29jutekGermany62.5220.465 BB$
30khoikhoiUnited Kingdom62.4720.305 BB$
31begseTürkiye62.4219.993 BB$
32boz123Poland62.3019.843 BB$
33spenny80Italy62.2919.613 BB$
34demir63Türkiye62.2919.613 BB$
35joefriGermany62.1819.083 BB$
36ElliabedWorld62.1819.083 BB$
37alkim13Türkiye62.1819.083 BB$
38bibanuRomania62.0918.793 BB$
39dougs01Canada61.9218.643 BB$
40ggnawUnited States61.8818.503 BB$
41johnm123United States61.8518.351 BB$
41realdealUnited Kingdom61.8218.141 BB$
43czikiWorld61.8218.141 BB$
44krasyBulgaria61.7917.931 BB$
45Reneeke66World61.7317.791 BB$
46tygerfanAustralia61.7217.651 BB$
47plucianRomania61.6817.521 BB$
47baylindTürkiye61.6717.381 BB$
49karoglu_tWorld61.6517.251 BB$
50drowzeeSouth Africa61.5717.101 BB$

Click here to see all the results for the Country vs Country Championship

3-Day Robot Survivor


PlayerScore (%)RankPrize
nullve75.31110 BB$
berny7569.5625 BB$
EmilKon68.3435 BB$
fuzzyquack67.7245 BB$
Oroy67.2655 BB$
batmanbrad67.1465 BB$
David Bank67.1275 BB$
mgokcen67.0985 BB$
royalx66.9695 BB$
strei166.75105 BB$

Day 1 Winners

PlayerScore (%)RankPrize
vvallo83.2315 BB$
mus782.0925 BB$
zelena79.0535 BB$

Day 2 Winners

PlayerScore (%)RankPrize
nullve83.4215 BB$
UgurMenguc78.3125 BB$
hstern77.3135 BB$

Day 3 Winners

PlayerScore (%)RankPrize
nullve76.1515 BB$
berny7575.0225 BB$
kennyz74.3335 BB$

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3-Day Mini Survivor

Overall Winners

PlayerScore (%)RankPrize
benjk72.20110 BB$
ferem70.7925 BB$
123franz69.3835 BB$
1 AG 169.3745 BB$
cad167.8255 BB$
plexus67.4465 BB$
Jeff fr67.1675 BB$
mywaybest67.0385 BB$
jp6268066.8995 BB$
nemtsev66.37105 BB$

Day 1 Winners

PlayerScore (%)RankPrize
M_L80.7315 BB$
pinu178.9725 BB$
jp6268078.8635 BB$

Day 2 Winners

PlayerScore (%)RankPrize
nemtsev77.7115 BB$
dbsdav76.2325 BB$
james0175.3435 BB$

Day 3 Winners

PlayerScore (%)RankPrize
plexus81.0915 BB$
mbog_6078.6725 BB$
phl_bridge78.5435 BB$

Click here to see all the results for the 3-Day Mini Survivor Winners

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