Ishmael Del'Monte wins the Stars and Platinum Robot Individual

Thanks to all 927 of you who took part in the Stars and Platinum Robot Individual. We hope you had loads of fun and enjoyed the festival!

Congratulations go to Ishmael Del'Monte (ishd) who came out victorious with an overall score of 63.08%. He scored consistently highly and came out on top.

Jim Streisand and Fawad Hakim join Ishmael on the podium, coming in second and third place respectively - well done to both of you.

Congratulations also go to the prize winners below - well played!

Stars and Platinum Robot Individual

Overall Winners

RankUsernameNameCountryScore (%)Prize BB$
1ishdIshmael Del'MonteUSA63.08100 BB$
2strei1Jim StreisandUSA62.6750 BB$
3Fawad1Fawad HakimPakistan61.5425 BB$
4brrodaLukasz LebiodaUSA60.3410 BB$
5baseggioFranco BaseggioUSA59.9310 BB$
6merelykitKit OverpeckUSA59.9210 BB$
7UreshUresh VahaliaUSA59.8210 BB$
8orelSergey OrlovRussia59.3410 BB$
9mcaplanMark CaplanIreland59.2210 BB$
10ggnawGeorge WangUSA58.8010 BB$

Day 1 Winners

RankUsernameNameCountryScore (%)Prize BB$
1WildPossumMichael J CoreyUSA65.6610 BB$
2JetDaveDavid TreitelUSA65.5710 BB$
3brrodaLukasz LebiodaUSA64.5010 BB$

Day 2 Winners

RankUsernameNameCountryScore (%)Prize BB$
1dchocronDan ChocronUSA66.2810 BB$
2ishdIshmael Del'MonteUSA65.9210 BB$
30skillzJames HolzhauerUSA65.1110 BB$

Day 3 Winners

RankUsernameNameCountryScore (%)Prize BB$
1UreshUresh VahaliaUSA69.3110 BB$
2udayUday IvaturyUSA68.0610 BB$
3glenn789Glenn McIntyreUSA67.5510 BB$

Click here to see all the results for the Stars and Platinum Robot Individual Winners

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