Bidding - Support Double 4

As responder, when opener makes a support double treat the auction as though opener has made a single raise, albeit with only three-card support.

Bid 2. With a wasted club queen your hand is not strong enough to invite game.

Bid 2. The 4-3 heart fit looks like your best partial

Bid 3, invitational. With good shape and a fit, game is a lively possibility.

Bid 2. A potential 5-3 diamond fit is better than a sure 4-3 heart fit.

Bid 2NT, natural game invitation.

Bid 2 . This is forcing for one round. You may have a 4-4 spade fit.

Bid 3. Natural and invitational.

Bid 3 . Your hand is too strong for a non-forcing 3 call.

Pass. No guarantees, but it looks best to defend with this primarily defensive hand. If they make it, at least it isn't game.

Andrew Gumperz is a bridge author and bridge pro from Berkeley California.
Check out his other writing below or leave him a message on BBO.

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