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What Type of Hand Should Make a Support Double?

Other than the absence of a fourth trump, hand 1 is a perfect raise. Double allows you to raise but warns partner not to over compete on a 4-card suit. South should make a support double.

Double first, then bid 3 on the next round. This sequence shows your long clubs, your three-card support and moderate extras, i.e., it shows a hand worth a jump rebid of 3  that holds three-card support for spades in addition.

Even though you are minimum in high cards, your hand is offensive. Your values are in your long suit, you have good spade support and shortness in the opponents' suit. If partner has 5+ spades and buys the contract he will be delighted with this dummy.

Though hand 4 has more high cards, it has a different story. Half the values are wasted in hearts. How would you like to play 2♠ facing: ♠Jxxx xx ¦xxx AQxx? Not only will a 2♠ partial usually fail, but so will 2. Do not raise when your best chance for a plus score is by defending. A support double is a raise and all raises imply the message, I would rather declare than defend.

This time you have three more high points than example 3. Yet you should pass because your hand contains soft, defensive values and rates to play poorly in spades and to defend well against hearts. Opposite a hand like: ♠Axxx xxx ¦Axxx xx you will probably beat 2 and 2♠ has no play.

Again pass is better than double. Your hand is worth 4+ tricks on defense with hearts well-positioned behind the overcaller. If partner can contribute anything, you will beat 2 and if partner can balance with a double, you will collect a number.

Andrew Gumperz is a bridge author and bridge pro from Berkeley California.

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