BBO Crew Party - Just Declare with Robots

If you don't have time (or are too shy!) to play the BBO Crew Party on Tuesdays, but still want to improve your bridge game against the BBO robots and get to know the BBO app, then this game is for you.

The "BBO Crew Party" Robot Game is available weekly, and lasts 4 days. You can play it from Tuesday to Friday (inclusive).

There's no bidding as you get a pre-determined contract, and you have to do your best to make it.

This is a "daylong" style game, where you don't have to play all hands in one session. You can join, play a few hands, leave and resume later. Just make sure you're finished by the end of Friday.

The game's restricted to BBO team members, but you're welcome to invite friends and guests if you like.

Alexandra is Master of Ceremonies for this initiative. Feel free to reach her on Slack or at

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