Larry Cohen - Guest Columnist

Photography by: ©Michael B. Lloyd

Larry was born in New York City in 1959. He learned bridge from his grandparents at the age of 6.  He was a life master at 17 and by the time he was 22, he was winning his first national championship. He has been named ACBL Player of the Year, ACBL Honorary Member of the Year,  2020 Hall of Famer, and has won a total of 25 National Bridge Tournaments. 

He’s a regular contributor to bridge magazines and has written and produced many best-selling, award winning bridge books, cd’s/computer software, videos and webinars.  He’s widely regarded as one of the world's best bridge teachers and is as close to a household name as you can probably get in the world of bridge. 

Outside of bridge, his biggest passions are golf (plays off 11) and following his beloved New York Yankees. 

Find out more about Larry on his website,

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