Thank you for joining the ACBL Winter Festival!

We hope you enjoyed our tournaments.  Happy Holidays and see you online for more bridge (there can never be too much bridge! )

Feedback, comments, suggestions are welcome in the comment box below or at

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26 comments on “Thank you for joining the ACBL Winter Festival!”

  1. I enjoyed the tournament. The 9x2 format is much better than the usual 6x3. It takes the same amount of time to play. This should be the format for 18 board games going forward.

    I was in the LM game, but noticed several high finishes in the NLM by pairs which included a robot. Robots should not be allowed in tournaments, especially in NLM games.

  2. I can’t get into games on the app talks about winter tournaments and their is no place to sign in

  3. Some people cannot keep a partner and need a 'bot instead. But in any MasterPoint game, the bot should NEVER BE THE DECLARER. Being able to run a few thousand simulations to find the best line of play is an advantage that should not be given to anyone.

  4. What a barrel of fun. So many surprising hands. I enjoy playing with bot, but have a hard time when they are not doing what I think they are supposed to be doing. At any rate great fun, thanks bbo and acbl!

  5. I agree whole-heartedly that robots should NOT be allowed in any event that awards Master Points or any other awards.
    It is very VERY UNFAIR to other players.

  6. Enjoyed it. First time I entered a daylong event. I am wondering though why we are getting such weird distributions? Not just in this event but generally. So often if I have a good suit my partner is void. Seems strange. Seems to defy law of averages.

  7. Tournaments can be scary places! I truly enjoyed this one. It gave me a bit more confidence. Do this more especially for those of us with lower MPs. Thank you.

  8. I don’t think it was a pairs tournament since robots were allowed. At the least those playing with robots should have played in their own sections it was an unfair advantage

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