ACBL Express Individuals are here!

Author: Diana
Date: November 18, 2021

For a fast-paced, no-fuss game, hop into the new ACBL Express Individual games. You don't need a partner to register: we'll match you up with a new partner every round.

The ACBL Express Individual is 12 boards, costs only 0.99 BB$ to play and you can win ACBL Masterpoints if you do well.

Everyone plays the same system: BBO's 2/1 GIB. A default conventions card is available at each table. There is no chat, and you have 30 seconds per bid or play. Players receive an alert when a few seconds remain and are temporarily replaced robot when the 30-second limit is over. If you get kicked out, don't panic. Log in and you'll be automatically reseated when the current board in play is over.

Game specifics:

  • 12 boards
  • 4.5 minutes per board
  • 30 seconds per bid or play
  • 0.99 BB$ entry fee
  • Individual tournament
  • No chat
  • Everyone plays 2/1 GIB
  • Robots used to temporarily sub slow players
  • Matchpoints
  • Standard ACBL masterpoint awards

The first ACBL Express Individual tourneys are available daily at 10AM and 3PM US Eastern Time. We'll add more of them to the schedule soon.

Give the new ACBL Express Individual a try, and let us know what you think at


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