Yauheni Siutsau wins the Summer 2021 NABC Robot Individual

The official results are in for the Summer 2021 NABC Robot Individual! We’re pleased to announce that the winner is Yauheni Siutsau with 69.38%. Harrison Luba comes in second with 68.54%, closely followed by Tien-Chun Yang in third with 68.07%. You can see the complete rankings here.

Great play also by Christopher Moh, who topped Flight B with 65.17% and Thomas Michalek and by Adam Deeb who topped Flight C with 62.09%.

Well done to all 2351 of you who took part in the tournament! Find out where you finished up by clicking here.

Day one results

  • 1st: hilto37 75.14%
  • 2nd: zhenya__S 73.76%
  • 3rd: greco 73.16%

Day two results

  • 1st: TIGER BAIT 72.48%
  • 2nd: rvickery 70.79%
  • 3rd: shireysa 70.33%

Day three results

  • 1st: JRMayne 75.63%
  • 2nd: zvedro 75.34%
  • 3rd: TommyM47 71.71%

Overall results

  • 1st: zhenya__S 69.38%
  • 2nd: hilto37 68.54%
  • 3rd: tcyang 68.07%

Hope everyone enjoyed the Summer NABC Robot Individual Tournament!

Yauheni Siutsau wins the Summer 2021 <strong>NABC</strong> Robot Individual