Why Bridge Is Awesome

Multiple Australian National Champion and representative Peter Hollands shares why he thinks bridge is awesome.

How about you? Why do you love bridge? Let us know in the comments!

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8 comments on “Why Bridge Is Awesome”

  1. I like that you meet people from all walks of life, different ages, different backgrounds ... but they're smart and they like games and they know they HAVE to work hard at partnership skills and be a nice person or nobody will play with them. There is a huge range of skill levels and experienced players know how long it takes to get really good so they won't be judging you. Anyway, NOONE ever stops learning this game! Beginners should not be put off. There are competitions now for Novice players. I love bridge. "I'd rather be playing bridge" should be engraved on my tombstone.

  2. Bridge teaches life lessons: listen, and really pay attention to what others say; sometimes take a chance (even when the odds are against you); learn from your mistakes; etc., etc., etc.

  3. yes but you need to find people who will play with you, kind of hard when you play so bad that no one will play with you

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