Sunday: Say Something Nice Tournament

June the 1st is Say Something Nice Day! The aim is to encourage people to spread cheer and goodwill and focus on the good. We don’t really need a special day to be nice, of course, we should be looking for the positives every day!

All the same it's a nice theme so come on in and join the Say Something Nice Tournament this Sunday, May 30. Everyone's invited to join host Aurora. Play bridge, make new friends and why not say something nice about your favorite BBOer?

How to Celebrate

  • Say something nice to everyone you meet.
  • If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.
  • Leave a friendly note or do something nice for a friend.
  • Join us this Sunday, May 30 to play the Say Something Nice Tournaments and share some jokes with us or say something nice about your partner.
  • You can also write something nice in the comments!


  • It’s a pairs tournament, MP, 10 boards, 5 rounds.


Sunday, May 30 at 2PM US Eastern Time (8PM Central European Time)


Click ‘Competitive’, then ‘Free Tournaments’ and search for the the Say Something Nice Tournament, hosted by Aurora.

Who can play?

All BBOers are welcome.

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10 comments on “Sunday: Say Something Nice Tournament”

  1. I do have a partner, and would like to play, but do not see the tournament on the list so far (approximately 2 1/4 hours before it is due to start)

  2. Is this for beginners too? And will people be nice to us and let us have master points as in them saying, " they can have the points I just earned"?

  3. Aurora, you are nice to run these tournaments. It's fun for all and well, you make it fun with themes, etc.

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