Learn with BBO: Responding to Partner’s Takeout Double. With Joan Butts

Click here for lesson 3 notes and video replay

Joan Butts

Don't miss Joan Butts' 4th lesson on June 5 (be careful, we changed the schedule for the this one!). For those who missed Lesson 3, you can see a replay of the lesson here.

Joan really enjoyed her live lessons with BBO and was happy that the you, the audience, asked questions and got involved. If you watched the lesson live, we hope you enjoyed it and learned something new.

The lessons were pitched at intermediate players, but don't worry if you find the level a bit advanced. We'll be offering live lessons for other ability levels in the near future.

Lesson 4 will once again be featured live on Vugraph, but don't worry if you can't watch live. All lessons will be available on the BBO YouTube channel after the event. The benefit of watching live is that you'll be able to ask questions during the lessons.

Improve your bidding - Schedule

Make sure to double check the date - this will depend on your time zone.

Lesson 1: The Power of Two Suited Overcalls
This lesson will show you how to enter the auction with weak two-suited hands.
Saturday, May 15
Click here for the notes and replay
Lesson 2: Fourth Suit Forcing.
When you have two good hands, want to play at least game, but are not sure of the best spot, this is a good gadget to use.
Saturday, May 22
Click here for the notes and replay
Lesson 3: The Negative Double.
A popular way to show partner what you have when the opponents overcall and try to upset your bidding. Don't let them!
Saturday, May 29
Click here for the notes and replay

Lesson 4: Responding to Partner’s Takeout Double. 
This is the time to be precise about your points, and to show partner exactly who has the balance of power. 
CET (Paris) - 3 pm, Sat, June 5
AEST (Sydney) – 11 pm, Sat, June 5
EDT (New York) – 9 am, Sat, June 5
PST (California) – 6 am, Sat, June 5
BST (London) – 2 pm, Sat, June 5

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How to participate

  1. Login to BBO a few minutes before the lesson starts
  2. Click on “Vugraph” (see below) and then click on the table with Joan Butts.

If you miss the live lesson, you can catch-up after the event on the BBO YouTube channel.

About Joan

Joan Butts is a well-known bridge personality who's represented Australia and taught thousands of people to play. She owns a bridge club and has a passion for bridge education.

In 2011, Joan was appointed the Australian Bridge Federation’s National Teaching Coordinator. In this capacity she trains teachers, introducing them to the latest methods in bridge education, and creating and running professional development programmes.

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21 comments on “Learn with BBO: Responding to Partner’s Takeout Double. With Joan Butts”

  1. I would love to come when it's live, but 6AM Sat PST? Even 7 could work. Please,have a heart....

  2. This is an excellent initiative. I hope BBO and Joan will always continue to offer free Lessons on BBO

  3. Thanks, I am looking forward to participating. The comments about the last lesson inquire as to whether the lessons actually started on May 5. Is the last lesson on June 5 in North America?

  4. yu have standard time stated. We are on Daylight time. What time are your Eastern time lessons

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