Winners of Waterlily 6 Day Marathon (May 4 - 9)

The Waterlily 6 Day Marathon was not originally part of the Lily Land Bridge Festival, but we added it as a consolation event for players affected by some technical problems with the Wildflower 9 Day Survivor. It was restricted to players who played the 9 Day survivor and it started on Tuesday, May 4, running with one session per day until Sunday, May 9.

14,978 players were eligible to play, and 10,701 made it to day 6. The tournament was drop-in style, players could join any time, and they were not disqualified if they missed a day. However the unplayed days were scored as 0.

Final results available here.

The winners are:

1skollie10 BB$
2kchatz5 BB$
3andobe5 BB$
4harmcon5 BB$
5Every5 BB$
6smsh5 BB$
7ifezen5 BB$
8nullve5 BB$
9val445 BB$
10jordymc5 BB$
10pavlasvo5 BB$

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