New: ACBL 18 Board IMP Pairs & more MP Speedballs

ACBL Games on BBO

Starting Monday, May 10, we'll spice up the ACBL games schedule on BBO with a new variation of the popular 18 board ACBL Pairs.

International Matchpoints (IMP) favour the bold bidders and those who make their contracts. If you love to bid your games and slams then you really should give the IMP Pairs a try, you'll love them! The IMP Pairs games start at 1:05pm, 3:05pm and 8:05pm US Eastern.

We've also added three more daily Matchpoints ACBL Speedballs at at 10am, 2pm and 4pm US Eastern to top up the IMP Speedballs, as we know how much you like them!

Have fun playing and winning ACBL Masterpoints!

ACBL Games Daily Schedule

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