May 8-9: Lily Land Pairs Survivor

The winners are:

  1. jorgas & trinity__ (68.75%)
  2. bb21 & maddog1 (54.17%)
  3. dkkale & rishabh (53.65%)

Tournament summary

Day 1, Saturday: Qualifications

Day 2, Sunday: Finals

Fancy a competitive, 4 session survivor with your favourite partner? Brace yourselves because this weekend, May 8 -9, we'll close the Lily Land Bridge Festival with a fierce two days, 4 sessions pairs tournament where only the best move forward.

Tournament specifics

Day 1, Saturday: Qualifications

  • Session 1, 12 boards, MPs, Open to all. Free entry. Top 50% move forward.
  • Session 2, 12 boards, MPs. Top 50% move forward. 

Day 2, Sunday: Finals

All finalists play two sessions:

  • Finals, Session 1, 12 boards, Matchpoints.
  • Finals, Session 2, 12 boards, Matchpoints.
  • Combined average score of Sessions 1 & 2 will determine the winners.

Who can play?

Lily Land Pairs Survivor is open to all. This is a pairs game, so you need a partner to register and play. If your favorite partner’s not around this weekend, don’t panic! You can register with a robot too!

Schedule of Play

Lily Land Pairs Survivor is a multi-session survivor tournament held as part of BBO’s Lily Land Bridge Fest (May 1 – 9).

  • Saturday, Qualifiers: Session 1 -> 10 AM New York Time (4 PM Paris Time).
    • Free, open to all.
    • 12 boards, Matchpoints.
    • Top 50% scorers move forward to Session 2.
  • Saturday, Qualifiers: Session 2 -> 2 PM New York Time (8 PM Paris Time).
    • Restricted to players who qualified after Session 1
    • 12 boards, Matchpoints
    • Top 50% scorers move forward to the Finals.
  • Sunday, Finals: Session 1 -> 10 AM New York Time (4 PM Paris Time).
    • Restricted to players who qualified after Session 2
    • 12 boards, Matchpoints
    • Must play all boards to move forward
  • Sunday, Finals: Session 2 -> 2 PM New York Time (8 PM Paris Time).
    • 12 boards, Matchpoints
    • Must play all boards
  • Average score of Finals, Session 1 & Session 2 will determine the winners.

How can I play?

The tournament will be open for registrations on Saturday, May 8, six hours before Session 1 starts. Click Competitive ► All Tournaments and look for “Lily Land Pairs Survivor” (there’s a Search box at the top of the list).

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6 comments on “May 8-9: Lily Land Pairs Survivor”

    1. If you played both yesterday's sessions and you qualified for today, you and your partner are already registered for today's finals. Be online about 5 minutes before 10am US Eastern Time (4pm Central Europe) and you'll be taken to the game at start time.

    1. You'll receive a message after each Session to let you know if you qualified. Pairs who qualify further are automatically registered for the next sessions.

      So you'd just have to be online, with your partner, when each session starts.

  1. While playing Glorious Daylong game, the link was broken in the middle of a hand, and it always says An error is occurred. What could I do?

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