Meet Eugen, BBO's new marketing project manager

It's wonderful to welcome Eugen to our team! He's young, smart and creative and has joined the marketing department as a project manager. He worked in SaaS industry, tourism, gaming and software development before joining BBO in March. He loves music, languages, travel, his dog Jerry and he's an enthusiastic bridge newcomer.

You live in lovely Timișoara. What’s it like? Good place for a weekend break? 
Timișoara is a very nice small city. It’s easy to get around on foot and as it’s flat it’s perfect for cycling and roller-skating. It has beautiful old architecture and a lot of parks.

What about your family. Could you tell BBO’s reader something about them?
I was born in Chișinău Moldova, where my parents still live. My wife was also born in Moldova, but has lived the majority of her life in Moscow. We were married during the pandemic, so everyone was wearing masks, which was an experience in itself!  

Do you have any pets?
Yes, we have a small Jack Russel called Jerry. He’s very sweet and can be smart if he needs to be!

On BBO, what do you like to play? 
I’m enjoying playing against the robots at the moment.  

Given you’re new to bridge, what do you find most difficult about learning the game?
Bidding – I can see that I need to invest a lot of time to be able to quickly read the other players’ hands. I’ve played a lot of Belote and know the importance of memorizing cards and reading your opponent’s cards too.

What should be done to bring more people into the game?
Change how the game is perceived by youngsters. It’s not just a game for older people. It’s a highly intelectual game that with lots of practice can improve your cognitive abilities. More Documentaries and TV series dedicated to bridge should be produced. Bridge needs its own Queen’s Gambit! 

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I love to go hiking, traveling, cooking, watching podcasts, roller skating, barbeques, yoga, reading, sparing, volleyball.

If you could choose a superpower, what power would you like to have?
I would be super-fast like The Flash - time travel is even possible at these speeds! 

Who is your role model?
Naval Ravikant, the famous Silicon Valley investor

What is the best advice you ever received? 
The best gift you can give to the people around you and society as a whole is to work on your emotional, physical and mental health and to keep growing as a person. Concentrate on the things you have control over.

How do you organise your day? Is it more difficult to work without sharing a work environment with the team? 
I wake up, drink 2-3 cups of coffee, exercise and then shower. Then I start with the tasks that I scheduled the evening before. It is not difficult, I’m used to working remotely. But I still miss the personal connection, we as people need. It’s easier to read emotions in real life than it is over Zoom and this can sometimes lead to confusion. Sometimes you just need the energy that only an office environment can bring. A good working environment can be a magical space where everyone works and motivates each other.

Can you explain what you do at BBO in simple terms?
I’m in charge of product marketing, which means I prepare promo materials, manage social channels, advertising and everything in between. 

What would your perfect week look like?
Monday to Friday; working, playing sport, getting enough sleep and eating healthy food. On the weekend - hiking, traveling and meeting up with friends for a barbeque.

What about travelling? If it wasn’t for travel restrictions where would you visit? 
I would like to visit the United States. A friend told me that it’s a country made for me! I know, when I do finally visit I’ll just want to stay!  

Are you a music lover and do you play an instrument? 
I love music and enjoy singing. In fact, I sing as a way of learning languages. I start by learning songs. I sing in Romanian, Russian, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Hebrew. I really like rock music, and used to play imaginary drums! 

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11 comments on “Meet Eugen, BBO's new marketing project manager”

  1. Welcome Eugen to the BBO and am sure you will enjoy the experience. I used to play physical bridge and wa difficult to find people to play with. With the introduction of BBO online great play any time & anywhere

  2. Welcome .a good développement it is to make tournament available to play with pro...where the person pays the pro for the session
    To support them thru corona ...and to facilitate the possibilities for novice and people that want improve and the pro

  3. Chaque année, je vais, j'allais (covid...) en Roumanie à EFORIE, pour une cure bénéfique. J'aurai aimé rencontrer EUGEN, qui me semble une bonne personne, bien loin des trop nombreux indésirables qui peuplent BBO, de par leur grossièretés, impolitesses, voire insultes !
    Bonne chance à EUGEN !

  4. C'est super pour Eugene, Doit-t- être Heureux de pratiquer une profession qu'il aime. Ah la jeunesse c'est une chose magnifique. Bravo je suis sur que tu sera bon dans ta tache et au bridge aussi. Félicitations Eugene. Côme Vieux

  5. Hmm, not sure what a project manager does but what BBO needs is someone to sort out the breaks in connectivity many of us are having whilst playing duplicate, have spent hundreds on IT but they all say it’s BBO website..not my computer nor my interne5 connection.

  6. Super, congratulation. I,m fromm Hungary. Let me play back, with Robot.
    And cancel in adv.for journey ended in Jan.2021.
    All the best for you.


    1. Eugen sounds very interesting and committed to bridge. He will surely encourage youth participation. Best of luck to him

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