Video Chat comes to BBO!

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Big news from Bridge Base Online!
Video Chat can now be enjoyed by millions of bridge players worldwide.

Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, players have been asking Bridge Base Online (BBO) to add video chat capability. Understandably, people want to see who they’re playing against. With many clubs being closed, players are missing spending time with their friends. Online bridge helps meet the need for mental stimulation, but it’s not the same as playing face-to-face. There’s obviously a social element that's hard to replicate online. BBO is addressing this with the release of Video Chat.

Dan Storch, COO of BBO

"Video Chat is a big development for BBO and offers players a more social dimension to their online bridge experience. We hope it helps people feel more connected again.”


Video Chat's being introduced initially as an option for Virtual Club tournaments. These are tournaments run by bricks-and-mortar bridge clubs who’ve created their own club games online. It makes sense to bring Video Chat to clubs first as a lot of the players already know each other. It’s great for them to be able to see their friends once again whilst playing their favorite game. Soon, Video Chat will be available for other events on BBO.

BBO hasn’t taken any chances with the technology and has partnered with a leading video conference company. They provide very high-quality video chat that’s scalable and reliable.

This is just the start in creating a more engaging, intuitive, online bridge experience. BBO is looking to constantly improve the platform and will continue to listen to the players to make the playing experience as close to face-to-face club bridge as possible.

Olivier Comte, CEO of 52 Entertainment

“I'm thrilled we’ve been able to release Video Chat on BBO. Things have been tough for people all over the world and we hope Video Chat will help bridge players feel more in touch with friends once more. Video Chat will make tournament bridge even more engaging, closer to the real-life experience than ever before.”

52 Entertainment is the ultimate holding company of Funbridge, Bridge Base Online (BBO), Le Bridgeur, Bridge Baron, Master Point Press and China Bridge Online, making it the world’s uncontested leader in bridge entertainment and software. Our goal is to further expand the universe of bridge players by providing them with entertaining and fun options to play or follow bridge, all while helping to develop the next generation of bridge players through our education initiatives. Overall, we have more than 5 million monthly active users across all our platforms.


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