The Love Boat Bridge: Singles Cocktail Daylong Winners

We celebrated love, romance and of course bridge on The Love Boat Bridge this weekend, February 13 and 14. For those who fell out of our featured two-day Zodiac Daylong Survivor, we had the Singles Cocktail Sunday Daylong for consolation. The winners are: bibanu with a score of 81.70%, nik123 in second place at 80.84% and elwindra right behind in third with 79.72%.

20,302 players registered to play the Singles Cocktail Sunday Daylong Tournament. You can find the full results here.

There were BB$ prizes too. Where there were too many ties we flipped a coin to pick the winner. Well done everyone and we hope you had fun!

1bibanu10 BB$
2nik1235 BB$
3elwindra5 BB$
4dambu5 BB$
5bepig5 BB$
6ugotfooled5 BB$
7SarPaulsen5 BB$
8Vadikmen5 BB$
9Gabrialsew5 BB$
10ivannis5 BB$
100fbboey5 BB$
1,000vcvc555 BB$
1,000aditi_585 BB$
10,000Siro555 BB$

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