The Love Boat Bridge

Ready for Romance? Or just a bit of fun! Join us for Love Boat Bridge!

Over the Valentine's weekend, February 13 and 14, BBO is hosting a Love Boat themed bridge event. Why not have some fun on our virtual cruise ship and play some bridge in the process!

The Love Boat has games to suit all tastes and abilities: teams, pairs, indies, robots, daylongs and survivors! You can pick and choose from the best our Captain has to offer! So, without further ado, here's our Captain's schedule!


Love Boat Pairs Survivor - FREE
18 boards, MPs, Open to all. 2 day survivor, where top 50% move forward
This is the main event, running on Saturday and Sunday. If you’re good enough, you’ll make it to Sunday's final! Good luck everyone!
Add to Calendar - US Eastern Time: 2pm - Saturday and Sunday

Party Boat Swiss Teams - FREE
18 boards, 6 rounds of 3 boards, VP20 – 5 times a day, for 2 days:
Get your team together in time for the party boat! Running 5 times a day for the duration of the event.
Add to Calendar - US Eastern Time: 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm and 7pm - Saturday and Sunday

Zodiac Love Boat Daylong Survivor - FREE
12 boards, MPs, top 50% qualify for the following day
Saturday and Sunday - Daylong survivor with qualifiers on Saturday and finals on Sunday.
Add to Calendar - from 1am US Eastern Time (available for 24 hours)

Singles Cocktail Daylong Survivor - FREE
12 boards, MPs, open to all
Sunday only. Consolation Daylong for players who fell out of the Zodiac!
Add to Calendar - from 1am US Eastern Time (available for 24 hours)


Playground Love Newcomer Pairs (0-5 BBO Points) - FREE
Starting at 10 mins past the hour, every hour / 12 boards, Matchpoints, 8 minutes per board
Based on the popular BBO Newcomer Pairs - Saturday and Sunday.
Add to Calendar

Crush Limited Pairs (0-500 BBO Points) - FREE
Starting at 20 mins past the hour, every hour / 18 boards, Matchpoints, 7 minutes per board
If you’re a beginner / intermediate with up to 500 BBO Points why not have a crack at this?
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Big Love Open Pairs - FREE
Starting at 30 mins past the hour, every hour / 18 boards, Matchpoints, 6 minutes per board
Open to all and free to play. Perfect, even for the most demanding pairs.
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Love Rescue Speedball Pairs - FREE
Starting at 40 mins past the hour, every hour / 12 boards, Matchpoints, 4.5 minute per board.
Fast and furious! If you’ve an hour to spare, give this game a go. And what's more, it's free to play!
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Speed Dating Express - 0.10BB$
4 Express games per hour, running 24/7 (HH:00, HH:15, HH:30, HH:45 - 24 mins per game!)
Saturday and Sunday - Individual tournament with 4 fast 6 minute boards and leaderboards. Games start every 15 minutes. BB$ prizes are up for grabs!


Flybridge Daylong – 0.39BB$
8 boards (MPs, IMPs, JD)
Flybridge Daylong is a short 8-board cruise towards potential BBO Points. MPs, IMPs, or Just Declare – pick your favorite and play at your own pace.
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Dinghies Daylong – 0.59BB$
12 boards (MPs, IMPs)
Win BBO Points at the Dinghies Daylong. As with all Daylongs you can start when convenient and play at your own pace.
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Love Cruise Daylong – 1.35BB$
20 boards (MPs, IMPs)
With BBO Points up for grabs, why not give the Love Cruise Daylong a go? It’s available both days so you’ll be able to fit it into your schedule.
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Pacific Daylong Reward – 1BB$
16 boards, MPs, non-best hand 
Finish in the top 30% and you’ll win BB$ prizes. All players contribute 1 BB$, which goes to a prize pool given back to the top scorers. 80% payback in prizes. Prize pool distributed to top 30%.
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How do I play?

Click on “Competitive” => “All tournaments” and scroll (or use the search box) to find the game you want to play.

Tips and Tricks

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14 comments on “The Love Boat Bridge”

  1. Today my partner and I played in the big love tournament (1:40) We came against a pair who bid 7S on board 14. They could only make 4S. I had the AD and the AS and my partner had the AC. I lead the AD and the pair sat and let the lock run down. They got 50% on the board. I called the director, however, the score did not change. To me, that is a form of cheating. We would not have gotten points today. That is not my concern. It is that people are getting away with letting the clock run down to ensure they get a better score than if they play the hand. It also ensures that the opps do not get the score they deserve.

  2. I can't find the Zodiac Love Boat Daylong Survivor anywhere to register. What am I missing? Did it fill up? I do see the Singles Cocktail Daylong Survivor so it doesn't seem like I'm doing something wrong. Thanks!

  3. losrque en est en attente de ramplaçemant aimerai avertissement SONORE car on ne peut pas regarder l'écran tout le temps.

  4. it seems to me :
    outside the US/states, most of the players on BBO is from Poland
    but the polish language does not exist here, I don't see this language
    It's a pity because I don't understand anything 🙂

  5. Hi - I've managed to pull together 9 teams to play on the Love Boat on 14th February. I wonder if there's any way that I can request for my teams to be playing against each other? If so, could you possibly let me know what I need to do? Thanks. Julia

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