21 Jumpstart - well done everyone, you're the best!

Happy New Year! Thank you everyone for getting 2021 off to a flyer!

21 Jumpstart broke all attendance records. All the games went down well, with the Sparkling Swiss teams being worthy of a special mention. The play was riveting with loads of teams, including a good number of VIPs!

Also, worth singling out was the 3-Day Shindig Pairs Survivor - with a 50% cut, running for the whole three days of Jumpstart. It was a truly gruelling, epic encounter!

Pairs enjoyed a festive tipple - cocktails for the newcomers, mulled wine for the more experienced and Champagne for the experts. Robot fans got stuck into the Auld Lang Syne Survivor as well as myriad Daylong options

There were games for everyone - thank you for getting behind them, having fun and helping us mark the start of a new year with an enormous party of bridge!

You can see the overall results here.

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