December BBO Royals & Masters Winners

We invited our BBO Royals (players who managed to achieve the ranks ) and BBO Masters (players holding the ranks   etc.) to play in two special tournaments on Monday, December 28.

This month we celebrated BBO’s elite tournament players by rewarding them with two free tournaments awarding BBO Points and BB$ prizes:

  1. The BBO Royals & Masters Daylong tournament, awarding BBO Points and BB$ prizes
  2. The 2020 Year-End Royals & Masters Tournament – a free, fun, pairs tournament, awarding BBO Points and BB$ prizes.

The winners of December’s BBO Royals & Masters Daylong tournament are:

RankPlayerPrize (BB$)
1rogerclee  from USABB$ 10
2f2g from TurkeyBB$ 5
3willemm from MonacoBB$ 5
4Gab7nt from USABB$ 5
5joefri from GermanyBB$ 5
6yding from DenmarkBB$ 5
7dofid from ChinaBB$ 5
8windy21 from PolandBB$ 5
9Jurgs from New ZealandBB$ 5
10PJF1430 from New ZealandBB$ 5

1,442 players registered to play December’s Royals and Masters. Final results here. 

The winners of the 2020 Year-End Royals & Masters Tournament are:

RankPlayersPrize (BB$ )
1JurgenPetr+RobotBB$ 10
2wuudturner+chattycatBB$ 5
3alprof+marcelaBB$ 5
4susnv+gschwemerBB$ 3
5Novies+RobotBB$ 3
6joshan+lornegBB$ 2
7sarbh_gyan+2msq2BB$ 2
8kvetna+RobotBB$ 2
9willemm+Idur64BB$ 2
10Dst463+TiidukeBB$ 2

You can find the full results here.

Happy New Year, everyone! See you on January 28, 2021 for more royal treatment!

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