Video: Planning For The Next Suit

Play this week’s Free Instant Tournament then see how you compare to multiple Australian National Champion and representative Peter Hollands.

This week Pete illustrates his technique for planning ahead for the next suit to play and watching the discards.

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6 comments on “Video: Planning For The Next Suit”

  1. I would really appreciate you finding the thieves whom are stealing my paid daylong games , I purchased them like an hour ago came back to play them and they are no longer there with a green dot ....just the same as my uploaded photo that has disappeared without out any explanation.... at least you could do is refund me for those stolen games , porsche33

  2. Since discovered weekly free instant and your commentary, never miss it. This week was the best. I’ve really been looking at their discards and if in the suit I’m planning to play, very happy. And it often is! So helpful. Thanks much.

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