Combating cheating on BBO

52 Entertainment and BBO wish to remind the bridge community that all players using its platform submit to its conditions of contest which clearly prohibit any form of cheating and demand respect for the rules of Bridge as well as good behaviour in all areas of the game.

Any player can, and will, be suspended if the conditions are breached and their case transferred to his relevant National Federation which will investigate and decide what sanctions should be applied. BBO has already decided, through its Ethics Committee, to follow this process for a certain number of players.

We understand and appreciate that the World Bridge Federation accepts the importance the image of bridge and will be arranging a dedicated investigating committee which will include experts from all over the world, many of whom are very well known and are acting alone at the present time. We also hope a special Disciplinary Commission will be instated, with all decisions taken invoking the principle of reciprocity applying between NBOs or Bridge Leagues, Zonal organisations , the WBF and BBO when concerned.

We also want to emphasise that we are actively working to develop enhanced techniques including adding audio/video during play and delaying kibitzing, in order to improve our daily fight against cheating.

We all want clean Bridge for the pleasure of all bridge players.

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