Leaderboards: BIC Mini Championships

As side games of the Bridge International Championship, the BIC Mini Championships are the perfect opportunity to take part in this massive event, competing among your peers.

The rules are simple: Monday to Sunday, there will be one (0-100) BIC Mini tournament, and one (0-1K BBO Points) BIC Mini tournament available every day. Each game is daylong style, individual, with robots. Play at least 4 BIC Mini tournaments of the same type to get ranked. You can play more if you wish to improve your average: your best 4 scores will count towards your final ranking.

(0-100 BBO Points) BIC Mini Championship Leaders

(0-1K BBO Points) BIC Mini Championship Leaders

Your IP address will determine which country you represent (for example, Garozzo will represent the USA if he’s in the USA). If your country doesn’t have at least 10 players, you’ll represent the “Rest of World”.

BBO BIC FAQ - this page aims to answer all your BIC related questions.

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