About the BIC tournaments

BIC, short for Bridge International Championship; is a worldwide online event taking place across several bridge platforms, in partnership with the World Bridge Federation.

BIC tournaments are robot tourneys, daylong style, 12 boards long, matchpoint scoring. Ranked players will be awarded both WBF and BBO points.

For the BIC Finals you have 48 hours to complete your tournaments.

Your IP address will determine which country you represent (for example, Garozzo will represent the USA if he’s in the USA). If your country doesn’t have at least 10 players, you’ll represent the “Rest of World”.

BIC Tournament features

  • This is an individual tournament. All tables consist of a single human player, sitting South, with three robot players sitting in the other three seats. 
  • All tournaments last 48 hours: they start at midnight US Central time on Friday towards Saturday night and end at midnight US Central on Sunday towards Monday night. You can register, play at your own pace, leave the table, then resume the game any time, as long as you complete your boards before the tourney ends.
  • This is a Best Hand tourney: You will always receive the hand with the most high-card points at the table or tied for the most high-card points. Best-hand is defined solely by high-card points and does not take into account hand pattern.
  • This tourney utilises Human Declares: The human player declares for his robot partner when their side wins the contract.
  • Deal Pool will also be used: Not everyone will be dealt the same boards.

Results will be sent to your BBO Mailbox the next day, after the tournament ends. You can also see a provisional leaderboard at any time in the list of Completed Tournaments, in Competitive All tournaments, after you have finished playing.

About the robots
The robots play a relatively simple and natural bidding system. During play, you can find out the meaning of any bid by clicking on that bid in the bidding diagram. When it's your turn to bid, moving your mouse over the bid buttons will display an explanation of the bid you are considering (as your robot partner will understand it). These explanations can be somewhat cryptic, but reading them carefully before you bid will help you to avoid misunderstandings with your robot partner.

You can find out more about the robot's bidding system by clicking here

BIC FAQ page

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