Stars and Platinum 3 Day Robot Individual

This is an invitational tournament, restricted to BBO Star players (players who have represented their country live, in international championships) and players with at least 5 ACBL Platinum Points.


  • The tournament lasts 3 days, from the 1st Monday of each month, until Wednesday.
  • Only BBO Stars and players with at least 5 ACBL Platinum points can play.
  • Each day's session is 16 boards
  • Matchpoints scoring, Just Declare (all hands are pre-bid by robots, you are always declarer)
  • You must play each day to be able to play the next day.
  • All daily sessions count for the overall results.
  • Free entry


  • Top 3 daily winners: 10 BB$ each
  • Overall winners:
  • 1st: 100 BB$
  • 2nd: 50 BB$
  • 3rd: 25 BB$
  • 4th to 10th: 10 BB$

Hope you enjoy, and good luck!