Instant Tournaments

No more waiting for your game to start, or for everyone else to finish. Instant Tournaments mean instant satisfaction!

Instant tournaments are great as they combine the best of a tournament and a single-player game. You’re dealt deals from a previous tournament that you haven’t played in. Your scores are then compared against 14 random competitors who played in that tournament. After each board, you get to know your final score for that board and your current rank in the tournament. Do well and you’ll win points!

Instant tournaments are for everyone

You can choose from ACBL or BBO Instant Tournaments and MP or IMP scoring.

Dip your toes in with the Weekly Free Instant Tournament

You can familiarize yourself with this format by playing the Weekly Free Instant Tournament. Play the tournament and compare your results with YouTubers like Pete Hollands. Click here to see his Weekly Free Instant Tournament playlist – it dates back around six years!

Tips on how to play with robots

Game Specifics

  • Best Hand – your hand will always contain at least the same HCP as the next highest HCP hand.
  • Human Declare – when North wins the contract, South(you!) will declare instead.
  • There is no time limit for the tournament. However, if you are idle for a long time, you will be disconnected from BBO and the game is forfeited.