BBO Guide - How to start doing Translations on BBO

Thank you in advance for your involvement in translating the words and phrases you see around BBO!

1) This is the Translation website. Please login with the username/password (case sensitive) you have been provided with. You will be authorized to edit your chosen language. Click your language to begin.

2) You will see a list of categories. The areas that need work will be highlighted like this. Click a category to edit the messages in that category.

3) As you work, please use the Save Changes button frequently. Don't use the browser Back button. Instead, use the provided links that say Home and your Chosen Language at the top to navigate.

4) Please try to make the messages as short as possible.

5) This is a list of all existing messages and corresponding codes. Use the browser's search function (press CTRL+F) to find certain strings or words you need to update.

Very Important:

  • When you see {1} or {2} etc these are variables that will be filled in at runtime. Always preserve the {1} {2} etc. Don't add any, don't remove any.
  • When you see something like {1 username} you can replace it with {1}. The "username" is a comment.
  • When you see {r}{n} these are newlines. Preserve these.

Thank you for helping! You can reach us anytime at

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