How to Register for an ACBL Online Regional

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to register for an ACBL Regional Tournament. If you don't have a BBO account yet, click here to find out how to create one before proceeding.
Things to know about playing ACBL Regional games on BBO:
• Registration opens 24 hours prior to the start of the game, allowing ample time for you and your partner to coordinate and register together online. Both you and your partner must be online in order to register.
• For two-session events, you only need to register for the first session. Your partnership will automatically be registered for the second session, all you need to do is to be online at the start time.
• You will need to register with a partner from your own District; you will not be able to invite someone from another district. 
Step 1
Visit and click 'Log in'
Step 2
Click on "ACBL World”
Step 3
In the search box, type "regional" and scroll to find the game.
Step 4
Choose the game you want to register for and click on it.
Step 5
Once you arrive at the tournament's registration screen, use the Invite box to type in your partner's BBO username and invite them to register with you.
Step 6
If you wish to pay both your fee and your partner's, you can do so by clicking the checkbox.
Step 7
If you do not have a partner, there is a Partnership desk where you can add your name, or invite someone who is also looking for a partner.
Step 8
You can choose a partner from the Partnership Desk by clicking "Invite" next to their username, or you can add your name to the partnership desk.
Step 9
When someone invites you to the game, you will see a screen where you can "Accept" or "Decline" the invitation.
Step 10
You can also set up a convention card between you and your partner by clicking this option.
That’s it for the registration process of the ACBL Regional Tournament. Click here to buy BB$ with a credit card or Paypal. You can also update your ACBL number on BBO here.
If you have any further questions you can contact us at Or, if you have questions about points, format and other event details, reach out to the ACBL Tournament support desk.
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