Cotton Candy Pairs (0-5 BBO Points)

The pairs game for new players

Are you new to bridge? If you are then play Cotton Candy Pairs with other newcomers. It’s only available to players with fewer than 5 BBO points. It’s a gentle, safe way to dip your toes into the world of competitive bridge. 

Game specifics

Start TimeBoardsDurationScoring Entry Fee
Every hour at 20 minutes past the hour1296 minsMatchpointsFree

Game schedule

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
    Every hour, from 4:20 AM US Eastern Time until 3:20 PM US Eastern
  • Saturday, Sunday and Monday
    Every hour, from 8:20 AM US Eastern Time until 7:20 PM US Eastern

Where to find Cotton Candy Pairs

Click on Virtual Clubs > BBO World and look for Cotton Candy Pairs.

Cotton Candy Pairs <em>(0-5 <strong>BBO</strong> Points)</em>