Country vs Country 3 Day Championship

What better way to start the month than to represent your country? The Country vs Country game allows you to do just that. You'll be playing for yourself, as well as with your fellow compatriots. It's loads of fun and always one of the most popular BBOers Festival games.

Game Format

  • The tournament lasts 72 hours, from 1st to 3rd day of each month. You can play at any time during those three day. You can stop playing and resume later. You can play all 32 boards in a single day, if you prefer, or split them over the 3 days of the championship. You play at your own pace.
  • The country scores are obtained as an average of the top 20 scores from that country + overall country average.
  • Entry fee is 0.10 BB$
  • 32 boards, Matchpoints scoring, random hands.

Registering for the Country vs Country 3 Day Championship

  • Registration opens a week before play starts (the first Lundi of every month)
  • Go to Competitive > All Tournaments > Search for ‘Country vs Country Championship’.


  • 1st: 100 BB$
  • 2nd: 50 BB$
  • 3rd: 25 BB$
  • 4th to 10th: 10 BB$
  • 11th to 30th: 5 BB$
  • 31st to 40th: 3 BB$
  • 41st to 50th: 1 BB$

Hope you enjoy, and good luck!

Watch this short video on how to register