About Bridge Base Online

Bridge Base Online, or simply BBO, is the world's largest bridge club. Our community is large and very active. Over one million players visit BBO every month, and you'll frequently find over 30,000 members playing simultaneously.

You can find free games, premium tournaments, social tables and more. Regardless of your skill level, we have bridge for you.

Play at any time on the free bridge apps from the home page. But if you want more, just register for your free BBO account and access many other fun options! You can play directly on your web browser (Windows, Mac and Linux are all welcome), or download the app for iOS or Android.

Are you a novice player? No problem: try the Main Bridge Club for some casual bridge, or practice your play with a robot in solitaire games and free tourneys.

If you are ready for more competitive play, we've got you covered. We host tournaments at all levels, from friendly BBO daylongs to the highly competitive NABC Robot Individual national championship.

And if learning from the pros is your thing, don't miss the frequent "Vugraph" broadcasts. Watch live matches from around the world, sometimes featuring expert commentary.

Matchpoints? Team matches? Teaching tables? IMPs? Swiss teams? You name it, we got it.

Last but by no means least, BBO has also partnered with the World's top National Bridge Organizations—such as the ACBL, EBU, ACBI, FFB and others. Members can play sanctioned tournaments right here on BBO. Play from the comfort of home, win points and improve your rank!

Got questions? The BBO discussion forum has many answers, and our friendly volunteers are usually online to help.

BBO is a business, but also a labor of love. Created by bridge players, for bridge players, BBO's goal is to promote the game of bridge throughout the world.

It's all about bridge! See you at the tables.

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