Results and Winners Bidders Challenge 2023-3

The Top Bidders for Set 2023-3

This month saw another big turn out, with 7,727 entries, just a few short of last month’s record of 7,798. Tell your friends and regular partners to join in the fun and let’s break the 10,000-barrier before the year ends.

The average scores were up a little this month, but it was a tough set on which to score really well. Our solo winner’s score of 79/80 not only outscored more than 7,000 other entrants, but also the whole panel too:

Pedro Gonçalves (pgoncalvs) from Spain

Pedro says, "My mother is from Valencia and my father from Lisbon, and they met at a bridge tournament, so you could say that I exist thanks to bridge. I am 34 years old and have been playing since I was 13. Bridge is one of my greatest passions." He has represented the national team on several occasions, both in Junior and Open categories, and he has won the Spanish team championship four times.

Also on the March 'Roll of Honour':

With a score of 77/80:

Robert Schachter (punkydoodl) from USA

and, with a score of 76/80:

Dr. Morrie Kleinplatz (amulet1) from Canada, and

Hanoi Rondon (Hanoi5) from Chile

The average score this month was 40.81 (up from 39.01 last month). However, with the panel producing a clear majority on most hands this month, the second-highest scoring bid was more likely to score 6 or 7 rather than the 9 you might get when the panel is closely split. This means that every time you don’t hit the top spot, you drop more marks, so scores in the 70s were hard to come by this month. Less that 50 players out of over 7,700 scored 70/80 or higher. The upshot is that all scores of 65/80 or higher make the monthly leader-board. Congratulations to:

Pedro Gonçalves (Pgonsalvs) From Spain79
Robert Schachter (Punkydoodl) From United States77
John Lusky (Pachyderms) from United States77
Dr. Morrie Kleinplatz (Amulet1) From Canada76
Hanoi Rondón (Hanoi5) From Chile76
Joaquin Pacareu (Paca1987) From Chile75
Jorge Barrera (Santafe) From Colombia75
Michael Van Gulik (Bananatree) From Canada75
Babs Giesbrecht (Babsg) From Canada75
Alexander Cook (Spade7) From Australia75
John Stell (Johnworf1) From United Kingdom75
Bob Boudreau (Bonafide57) From United States74
Paul Boudreau (Pons_) From United States74
David Williams (Dave251164) From United Kingdom74
Ian Findlay (Findles) From Canada74
Andrea Petzold (Andreapetz) From Canada73
Jonathan Ferguson (Jonottawa) From Canada73
Arif Özer Orhan (Ovirtue) From Turkey73
Steve Merovitz (Stevemonk) From Canada73
Luwen Koh (Xreborned) From Singapore73
Michael Fay (Mouse75) From United Kingdom73
Xiyu Yan (Mike939) From China72
Massimiliano Di Franco (M_Difranco) From Italy72
David Curnow (Davidtal) From United Kingdom72
Jeffrey Hand (Jeffhand) From United States72
Daniel Thouvignon (Danielth) From Thailand72
Enhao Du (Diandian23) From United States72
Sedat Aluf (Monk99) From Turkey72
Keyzad Anklesaria (Key1809) From India71
Ximena Nuñez (Pirque2020) From Chile71
Dorin Costin (Dorin001) From Canada71
Dewitt Montgomery (Phlpdx) From United States71
Vincent Lui (Cheapcheap) From Hong Kong71
François Duffour (Toutmo) From France71
Bartosz Kopras (Kojman) From Poland71
Todd Holes (Masse24) From United States71
Jean-Louis Beltzung (Jean-Lou) From France70
Mike Doecke (Wesleyc) From Australia70
Sasha Cooper (Jinksy) From Netherlands70
Claus Hastrup (Cphastrup) From Denmark70
Paul Dubois (Pottsca) From United States70
John R Mayne (Jrmayne) From United States70
Rasmus Maide (Dst463) From Estonia70
Kevin Dybvig (Kfd) From United States70
Harold Copeland (Haroldsqzu) From United States69
Ou Xiangliang (Wangm) From China69
Jing Liu (Liujing) From China69
Wiebe Jong (Brotherpaolo) From Netherlands69
Jim Hubbard (James01) From United States69
Robert Giragosian (Agman) From United States69
Paul Fearnhead (Ran19Dom) From United Kingdom69
Samuel Marks (Sammarks) From United States69
Capri Bucci (Atp13) From Italy69
Jim Streisand (Strei1) From United States69
Richard Winter (Dteshome) From United Kingdom69
Artem Poliak (Poliart) From Ukraine69
Stelios Touchtidis (Stelios_T) From United States69
Jon Cooke (Mugsmate) From United Kingdom69
Laura Mancini (801Dna) From France69
Stephen Cooper (Scoop) From Canada69
Arthur Levine (Artobridge) From United States69
Kang-Wei Fan (Firebolt) From Taiwan68
Kepecs Gabor (Gabor19545) From Hungary68
Gabriel Dumitrasciuc (Gdum111) From Romania68
Prahalad Rajkumar (R_Prah) From India68
Nicholas Craik (Nicholas58) From United Kingdom68
Paul Sontag (Pgs58) From Canada68
Stephen Merriman (smerriman) From New Zealand68
Iasonas Iraklis Papaspyrou (Hercules J) From Greece68
Thibault Wolf (Thwolf) From France67
Alan Shillitoe (The Saint) From United Kingdom67
Kenneth Chan (Redyu25) From United States67
Johan Säfsten (Johansaf) From Sweden67
Barry Bragin (Bbragin) From United States67
Chris Dixon (Chrisdixon) From United Kingdom67
James Krekorian (Jimkrek) From United States67
Phil Rabichow (Phrab7) From United States67
Gerald Jacobson (Punxsyphil) From United States67
Hans Deutsch (Buick6) From Germany67
Roberto Martinez (Ybob) From Uruguay67
Dawei Chen (Dcosh) From Japan67
Dan Wilderman (Daw28) From United States67
Aymeric Lebatteux (Voldenuit) From France67
Paul Jacobson (Tamur2) From United States67
Jay Weinstein (Microcap) From United States67
Omer Onem (F2G) From Turkey67
Yongjun Lu (Ottawa2008) From Canada67
Venkatesh Ramaratnam (Rv) From India67
Ken Llacera (Pasa49) From United States66
Zafar Hussaini (_Zfr) From United States66
Ahmed Yousry (Yousry1) From United States Minor Outlying Islands66
Florin Andrei (Al_Terego) From Romania66
Damian Burek (Dambu) From Poland66
Alexey Pyzh (Pyzh) From Ukraine66
Ivan Bilušić (Shaymin29) From Croatia66
Baozhuo Jiang (Jiangbb) From China66
Julian Wightwick (Juliancb) From United Kingdom66
Paolo Romanello (Heart76) From Norway66
Mina Milad (Sphere) From Egypt66
James Stogner (Jim St) From United States66
Paul Dolphin (Pdolphin) From United Kingdom66
Brad Theurer (Batmanbrad) From United States66
Michael Berkowitz (Berkmb5) From United States66
Milko Slavov (Milko_Sl) From Bulgaria66
Pär Ol-Mårs (Olmar) From Sweden66
Steve Buchthal (Magres) From United States66
Peter Law (Petelaw) From United Kingdom66
Tina Drnovsek (Tinadr) From Slovenia65
Emmanouil Koufakiw (Manosk) From Greece65
Andreas Meister (Andreasw) From Denmark65
Ayman Azzam (Azzam1) From Egypt65
Tony Xie (Tony8888) From Australia65
Luka Žunić (Behemont1) From Croatia65
Guy Mendes De Leon (Guymdl) From Netherlands65
Luciano Bracci (14Maggio21) From Italy65
Vladimir Marashev (Vlad9) From Bulgaria65
Harry Elliott (Harelliott) From United States65
Aldo Giovanni Gerli (Tendenz) From Italy65
Claes-Göran Swahn (Cgswahn) From Sweden65
Jorge Luna (Jorgel) From Colombia65
Raju Ramchandani (Rajubhai) From Hong Kong65
Maks Abram (Maxab) From Estonia65
Ran Jingrong (Helen Ran) From China65
Stephen Kornegay (Stevekgy) From United States65
Stuart Nelson (Stu23) From United Kingdom65
Arseny Shur (Kammerer) From Israel65
Esra Onan (Dodotu) From Turkey65
Blair Hoffman (Bwhoffman) From United States65
John Bryden (Tw0Wayhook) From Canada65
Rosaleen Glasheen (Remlagh) From Ireland65
Howard Stern (Hstern) From United States65
Nick Roubeglis (Rglis) From Greece65

The 2023 Annual Competition

With three months gone, we will now publish a full leader-board for the annual competition each month. We now have just 13 players with an average score of 70/80 or higher. Leading the way, is the January winner, John Lusky from Portland OR, whose combined total of 226/240 makes him the only competitor with an average score in excess of 75/80.

His third-place finish this month moves Hanoi (who finished second in 2021) up into clear second place with 221/240. Just one point further back, with 220/240, is a newcomer this year to the annual competition Top 10, Paul Boudreau from USA.

You need an average score of 60/80 or more to make the annual competition leader-board.

Remember that only your best nine scores during the year will count in the annual competition, so playing every month will allow you to drop your three weakest scores by the end of the year.

John Lusky (Pachyderms) from United States231
Hanoi Rondón (Hanoi5) From Chile221
Paul Boudreau (Pons_) From United States220
Bob Boudreau (Bonafide57) From United States219
Ian Findlay (Findles) From Canada218
Vincent Lui (Cheapcheap) From Hong Kong217
David Williams (Dave251164) From United Kingdom216
Michael Van Gulik (Bananatree) From Canada216
Peter Law (Petelaw) From United Kingdom212
François Duffour (Toutmo) From France211
John Stell (Johnworf1) From United Kingdom211
Luwen Koh (Xreborned) From Singapore210
Babs Giesbrecht (Babsg) From Canada210
Johan Säfsten (Johansaf) From Sweden209
Mike Doecke (Wesleyc) From Australia209
Enhao Du (Diandian23) From United States209
Jon Cooke (Mugsmate) From United Kingdom208
Kenneth Chan (Redyu25) From United States207
Arif Özer Orhan (Ovirtue) From Turkey207
Veljko Vujcic (Sambolino) From Serbia206
Stelios Touchtidis (Stelios_T) From United States206
Prahalad Rajkumar (R_Prah) From India204
Dr. Morrie Kleinplatz (Amulet1) From Canada204
Capri Bucci (Atp13) From Italy204
Arseny Shur (Kammerer) From Israel203
Dorin Costin (Dorin001) From Canada203
Ivan Bilušić (Shaymin29) From Croatia203
Steve Merovitz (Stevemonk) From Canada203
Milko Slavov (Milko_Sl) From Bulgaria203
Jim Streisand (Strei1) From United States202
Laura Mancini (801Dna) From France202
Alexander Cook (Spade7) From Australia202
Stephen Cooper (Scoop) From Canada202
Javier Bertran (Patomaquet) From Spain202
Julian Wightwick (Juliancb) From United Kingdom200
Weishu Wu (Weishu1) From United States199
Jonathan Ferguson (Jonottawa) From Canada199
James Krekorian (Jimkrek) From United States199
Dan Wilderman (Daw28) From United States199
Brad Theurer (Batmanbrad) From United States199
Peter Lakatos (Nyul11) From Hungary199
Claus Hastrup (Cphastrup) From Denmark198
John Bryden (Tw0Wayhook) From Canada198
Todd Holes (Masse24) From United States197
Jim Hubbard (James01) From United States196
Samuel Marks (Sammarks) From United States196
Rodney Lighton (Rrhino) From United Kingdom195
Kinpin Chu (Xh2072) From China195
Patrick Shields (Patr1Cks) From United Kingdom195
Metzdorff Olivier (Meol) From France194
Lei Tsui (Ltsui10) From United States194
Omer Onem (F2G) From Turkey194
Andreas Meramveliotakis (Kleze) From Greece193
Bill Wisdom (Billywiz) From United States193
Gianni Hsieh (Wakanari) From United States193
Dawei Chen (Dcosh) From Japan192
Mark Alexander Reeve (Mr1303) From Vietnam192
Alex Dialynas (Adial) From Greece192
Venkatesh Ramaratnam (Rv) From India192
Paul Fearnhead (Ran19Dom) From United Kingdom191
Jan Bomhof (Bomtest) From Netherlands191
Claude Candillier (Capri13) From France191
Artem Poliak (Poliart) From Ukraine191
David Treitel (Jetdave) From United States190
Paul Dalley (Pdal) From Australia190
Barry Bragin (Bbragin) From United States190
John R Mayne (Jrmayne) From United States190
Sheldon Spier (Shel1224) From Canada189
Anal Shah (Chagas59) From India189
Bertrand Hardy (Bertrand) From France189
Howard Stern (Hstern) From United States189
Sasha Cooper (Jinksy) From Netherlands188
Raj Agarwal (Badesh) From United States188
Bartosz Kopras (Kojman) From Poland188
Ronald Mak (Maktruck) From United States187
Francesco Masini (Gosto56) From Italy187
Chris Dixon (Chrisdixon) From United Kingdom187
Frank Blachowski (Blachowski) From United States187
Luis Folque (Luis Carlo) From Portugal187
Igor Grzejdziak (Igorg) From Poland187
Vanni Nozzoli (Gelindos6) From Italy187
Michael Fay (Mouse75) From United Kingdom187
Earle Fergusson (Fergus) From Canada187
Dan Gheorghiu (Dang4503) From Canada187
Kelvin Ng (Smoz) From Singapore186
Ran Jingrong (Helen Ran) From China186
Serban Criscota (Dodog) From Romania186
Alex Kolesnik (Kolesnik) From United States186
Carles Acero (Orzuelo) From Spain186
Steven Devico (Sdevico) From United States186
Jon Sorkin (Jsorkin) From United States186
John Leonard (Jl07702) From United States186
Iasonas Iraklis Papaspyrou (Hercules J) From Greece186
Peter Lindon (Plidstone) From United Kingdom185
Jean Galtier (Eyquem) From France185
Yoram Bavli (Gur) From Israel185
Christer Kristoffersen (Stoffers) From Norway184
Pavelz (Pavelz) From United States184
Andy Lewis (Andeux) From United States184
Mark Bolotin (Markboloti) From United States184
Rick Prouser (Rickprou) From United States184
Amin Hakim (Amin1234) From United States184
Uwe Gebhardt (P_Marlowe) From Germany184
Nick Roubeglis (Rglis) From Greece184
Kevin Dybvig (Kfd) From United States184
Alan Brooks (Alanb) From Canada184
Gregory Leblanc (Gnlblnc151) From United States184
Alexander Allen (Alexallen) From United States183
Ned Irving (Mrned2) From United States183
Gianluca Bergami (Giangibar) From Switzerland183
Giovanni Zoli (Joe_Costa) From Ireland183
Craig Cordes (Tallmath) From United States183
Sanjay Sondhi (Sondhi) From India183
Kevin Podsiadlik (Kjpod) From United States183
Joe Clark (Joe0) From United Kingdom183
Rasmus Maide (Dst463) From Estonia183
Sridhar Vee (Aiz) From India183
Robert Giragosian (Agman) From United States182
Peter Lieberman (Plieber) From United States182
Alan Shillitoe (The Saint) From United Kingdom182
Erdem Öztürk (Brdgbegin) From Turkey182
Alain Devigne (Adev) From Belgium182
Charles Milne (Pooch4) From Canada182
Pavlos Paisidis (Apaisios) From Greece182
Maarja Oras (Maarja0) From Estonia182
Stephen Kornegay (Stevekgy) From United States181
Naresh Kumar Gupta (Nkgupt) From India181
Tiit Hendrik Piibeleht (Tiiduke) From Estonia181
Barbara Drinovec (Drinab) From Slovenia181
Maxim Silin (Bigmax) From United States181
Alexey Pyzh (Pyzh) From Ukraine181
Alex Hong (Fhong) From Canada181
Mark De Meer (Maanba) From United Arab Emirates181
Elwindra Elwindra (Gabrialsew) From Indonesia181
Murat Şensoy (Emartie) From Turkey181
Arda Kabaca (Ardaak47) From Turkey181
Paolo Romanello (Heart76) From Norway181
Hans Van Der Heijde (001Hans) From Netherlands181
Mani Gupta (Manig) From United States181
Paul Dolphin (Pdolphin) From United Kingdom181
Josh Sinnett (Oshoj) From United States181
Juliano Barbosa (Jbarbosa) From Portugal181
Jarek Langer (Jarek444) From United States181
Tom Beukema (Tforb) From United States180
Rolf Selander (Rolfseland) From Sweden180
Arun Jain (Fog10) From India180
Patnarin Kitchakarn (Fernokb) From Thailand180
Chris Panagopoulos (Greek_God) From United States180