Results and Winners Bidders Challenge 2023-2

The Top Bidders for Set 2023-2

We smashed the previous record by almost 3,000, with over 7,800 different BBO members entering this month’s competition, making this is by far and away the most popular bidding competition in the history of bridge. Tell your friends and regular partners to join in the fun and let’s break the 10,000-barrier before the year ends.

Another tough set this month produced joint winners with an impressive score of 79/80:

Dawei Chen (dcosh) from Japan, and

Vincent Lui (cheapcheap) from Hong Kong

Vincent previously led the field in October last year, and is our youngest ever winner at the age of just 27. Originally from Hong Kong, he was a student in Munich, Germany, but he has now graduated and is working in the field of AI and machine learning. He began learning to play 11 years ago and describes himself as "a casual player who likes playing with robots in my leisure time".

Also on the February 'Roll of Honour':

With a score of 78/80:

Prahalad Rajkumar (R_Prah) from India

and, with a score of 77/80:

François Duffour (toutmo) from France,

John Lusky (pachyderms) from Portland OR, USA,

Peter Law (Petelaw) from Broadstairs, Kent, England, and

Murat Şensoy (emartie) from Turkey

The average score this month was 39.01 (down from 44.70 last month). With the entry increasing quickly, it is getting tougher to make it onto the monthly leader-board. This month you need a score of 69/80 or higher to make the list, so congratulations to:

Dawei Chen (Dcosh) from Japan79
Vincent Lui (Cheapcheap) from Hong Kong79
Prahalad Rajkumar (R_Prah) from India78
François Duffour (Toutmo) from France77
John Lusky (Pachyderms) from United States77
Peter Law (Petelaw) from United Kingdom77
Murat Şensoy (Emartie) from Turkey77
Shahar Zack (Shaharz) from Israel76
Md Alauddin (Alo107) from Bangladesh76
Kenneth Chan (Redyu25) from United States76
Jean-Michel Boivin (Jim92) from France76
Javier Bertran (Patomaquet) from Spain76
Marc Chebat (Mch92) from France76
Seyyit Ünlüçay (Sanzatos) from Turkey75
Johan Säfsten (Johansaf) from Sweden75
Jim Streisand (Strei1) from United States75
Jan Bomhof (Bomtest) from Netherlands75
Arif Özer Orhan (Ovirtue) from Turkey75
Kalle Schmidt (Kalle) from Germany75
Ian Findlay (Findles) from Canada75
Hatice Özgür (Abdulrezza) from Turkey75
Marcello Villani (Alovit) from Italy75
Jorge Barrera (Santafe) from Colombia75
Bob Boudreau (Bonafide57) from United States75
Massimiliano Di Franco (M_Difranco) from Italy74
Francesco Masini (Gosto56) from Italy74
Rodney Lighton (Rrhino) from United Kingdom74
Claude Candillier (Capri13) from France74
Vanni Nozzoli (Gelindos6) from Italy74
John Cox (Johncox) from United Kingdom74
Alexander Cook (Spade7) from Australia74
Hans Geir Aasmundsen (Guggen) from Norway74
Paula Kron (Vivitak) from Chile74
Nao Tabata (Nao7) from France74
Gerard Versluis (Gerardve) from Netherlands74
David Welsh (Dhwelsh) from United Kingdom73
Veljko Vujcic (Sambolino) from Serbia73
Paul Dalley (Pdal) from Australia73
Kelvin Ng (Smoz) from Singapore73
Mike Van Gulik (Bananatree) from Canada73
Hakan Kuscu (Luficer) from Turkey73
Weishu Wu (Weishu1) from United States73
Keyzad Anklesaria (Key1809) from India73
Ekrem Serdar (Exerdar) from Turkey73
Paul Dubois (Pottsca) from United States73
Ignacio Jover (Nachojc) from Spain73
Arseny Shur (Kammerer) from Israel73
David Williams (Dave251164) from United Kingdom73
Saul Burman (Kingzlot) from South Africa73
Graeme Prentice (Gprentice) from New Zealand73
Rumen Georgiev (Rbg) from United States73
Olivier Metzdorff (Meol) from France72
Gianni Hsieh (Wakanari) from United States72
Mani Gupta (Manig) from United States72
Kay Strand (Kaystra) from Norway72
Shifty Man (Shiftyman) from Australia72
Milorad Radojević (Zmaj) from Serbia72
William Campbell (Metobillc) from United States72
Frédéric Asensio (Fred234) from France72
Paul Boudreau (Pons_) from United States72
Ove Johansen (Loekkerauen) from Norway71
John Doucette (Jspike) from Canada71
Jon Cooke (Mugsmate) from United Kingdom71
John Howard (Jho27) from United States71
Erdem Ozturk (Brdgbegin) from Turkey71
Erhan Yamut (Eyamut) from Turkey71
Julian Wightwick (Juliancb) from United Kingdom71
Viorel Nan (Count_Trix) from Romania71
Enhao Du (Diandian23) from United States71
Mark Chen (Mark_Chen) from United States71
Luwen Koh (Xreborned) from Singapore71
Hanoi Rondon (Hanoi5) from Chile71
A.K. Simon (Scrabbler) From Canada70
Pavlos Paisidis (Apaisios) from Greece70
Ventsislav Katsarov (Bibiib) from Bulgaria70
Tuncer Şengöz (Tunci) from Turkey70
Anal Shah (Chagas59) from India70
Giovanni Delfino (Giodelfo) from Italy70
Andreas Meramveliotakis (Kleze) from Greece70
Earle Fergusson (Fergus) from Canada70
Akin Koclar (Koclar) from Turkey70
Babs Giesbrecht (Babsg) from Canada70
Carlos Castanheira (Jorel8) from Portugal70
Yuval Yener (Yuval10) from Israel70
Stephen Lippmann (Steve0820) from United States70
Richard Bley (Riccho) from Germany70
Jérôme Rombaut (Jerome) from France70
Romy Virola (Tamaraw20) from Philippines70
Søren Krasilnikoff (Kras01) from Denmark70
Ed Rawlinson (3Ldad1225) from United States70
Susan Ledford (Wingets) from United States70
Stephen Merriman (Smerriman) from New Zealand70
Peter Lakatos (Nyul11) from Hungary69
Andy Lewis (Andeux) from United States69
Patrik Elofsson (Velodrin) from Sweden69
Ran Jingrong (Helen Ran) from China69
Howard Stern (Hstern) from United States69
Peter Cleaves (Saragems) from United States69
Feron J F (Jff) from France69
Gianluca Bergami (Giangibar) from Switzerland69
John Stell (Johnworf1) from United Kingdom69
Phil Jones (Andrex) from United Kingdom69
Bill Wisdom (Billywiz) from United States69
Daniel Savin (Daniel Sav) from Romania69
Sedat Aluf (Monk99) from Turkey69
Xinpeng Huang (Masterxph) from United States69
Mark Alexander Reeve (Mr1303) from Vietnam69
David Johnson (Davidmj) from Canada69
John Bryden (Tw0Wayhook) from Canada69
David Curnow (Davidtal) from United Kingdom69
Don Copeland (Vicope) from Canada69
Baard Dahl (Bvdahl) from Malta69
Søren Krasilnikoff (Kras0) from Denmark69
Alexander Dietrich (Evernever) from Germany69
Dorn Bishop (Dornbishop) from United States69
Ahmet Onur Akbıyık (Onur_01) from Turkey69
Lei Tsui (Ltsui10) from United States69
Momchil Aleksandrov (Star6Ija) from Bulgaria69
Ratna Tadepalli (Rtadep) from India69
Pavel Zhylko (Pavelz) from Lithuania69
Hoi Ning Yeung (Hellohelen) from Hong Kong69
Laura Krauss (Laurak25) from United States69
Brad Theurer (Batmanbrad) from United States69
Douglas Schmickrath (P0Stm0Rtem) from United States69

The 2023 Annual Competition

We will begin publishing a full leader-board for the annual competition after next month's set. The results this month suggest that we are again heading for a wide-open competition.

After two months, we have 18 players with an average score of 70/80 or higher. Leading the way, is the January winner, who also made the roll of honor this month, John Lusky from Portland OR, USA, with a combined total of 154.

We have a three-way tie for second place, with Pete Law (England), Vincent Lui (Hong Kong) and Paul Boudreau (USA) all on 146.

Right behind them, with a score of 145, are the second-place finisher from 2021, Hanoi Rondon (Chile), and Bob Boudreau (USA), this month’s two guest panelists, along with Andreas Meramveliotakis (Greece) and Javier Bertran (Spain).

Rounding out the Top 10 are top-five finisher in both 2021 and 2022, Ian Findlay (Canada), with a score of 144, and Veljko Vujcic (Serbia) with 143.

Remember that only your best nine scores during the year will count in the annual competition, so playing every month will allow you to drop your three weakest scores by the end of the year.