Results and Winners Bidders Challenge 2023-1

The Top Bidders for Set 2023-1

This is another tough set to start the third annual competition. With only 9/24 panelists and around 30 competition entrants out of a record entry of over 4,500 scoring in the 70s, special congratulations are due to everyone who made the leader-board this month. Only one winner this month, with a score of 77/80, it is:

John Lusky (Pachyderms) from Portland OR, USA

John is a retired lawyer and lives in Portland, Oregon. His career bridge highlights include reaching the semi-finals of the 2012 Vanderbilt, and finishing second in last year’s Transatlantic Seniors online competition.

Also on the January 'Roll of Honour':

With a score of 76/80:

Inon Liran (inonli) from Tel Aviv, Israel, and

Stephen Cooper (scoop) from Toronto, Canada

and, with a score of 75/80:

Andreas Meramveliotakis (kleze) from Greece, and

Mike Doecke (Wesley C) from Australia

The average score this month was 44.70 (down from 46.84 last month). This month saw a record-shattering entry of more than 4,500 BBO members. Can we break the 5,000 barrier next month?

This was a tough set, so congratulations to everyone who scored 65/80 or more to make it onto the January leader-board:

John Lusky (Pachyderms) From United States77
Inon Liran (Inonli) From Israel76
Stephen Cooper (Scoop) From Canada76
Andreas Meramveliotakis (Kleze) From Greece75
Mike Doecke (Wesleyc) From Australia75
Ronald Mak (Maktruck) From United States74
Bert Eccles (Benellis58) From Canada74
Paul Boudreau (Pons_) From United States74
Hanoi Rondon (Hanoi5) From Chile74
Kevin Dybvig (Kfd) From United States74
Shiang Chen (Shiang) From United States73
Daniel Wilderman (Daw28) From United States73
Frank Blachowski (Blachowski) From United States72
Peter Lindon (Plidstone) From United Kingdom72
Emre Can Akkaya (Emre221) From Netherlands72
Steven Devico (Sdevico) From United States72
Alain Devigne (Adev) From Belgium71
Stelios Touchtidis (Stelios_T) From United States71
Bonny Waworuntu (Polcep) From Indonesia71
Milko Slavov (Milko_Sl) From Bulgaria71
Boris Fang (Hw1000) From China70
Rj Prick (Rjprick) From Netherlands70
Adam Kaplan (Mtvesuvius) From United States70
Ivan Bilušić (Shaymin29) From Croatia70
Bob Boudreau (Bonafide57) From United States70
Veljko Vujcic (Sambolino) From Serbia70
Alex Dialynas (Adial) From Greece70
John Garrison (Jgarris) From United States70
Gregory Leblanc (Gnlblnc151) From United States70
Tommy Strindfors (Tommyst) From Sweden70
James E Krekorian (Jimkrek) From United States69
Luis Folque (Luis Carlo) From Portugal69
Darren Cotterell (Darren.Cot) From United Kingdom69
Hakan Kuscu (Luficer) From Türkiye69
Christopher Bösenberg (Bosie1) From South Africa69
Javier Bertran (Patomaquet) From Spain69
Ian Findlay (Findles) From Canada69
David Williams (Dave251164) From United Kingdom69
Peter Law (Petelaw) From United Kingdom69
Perer Lakatos (Nyul11) From Hungary69
Todd Holes (Masse24) From United States69
Jukka Moilanen (Jukmoi) From Finland69
Weishu Wu (Weishu1) From United States68
Paul Dalley (Pdal) From Australia68
Peter Lieberman (Plieber) From United States68
Chris Dixon (Chrisdixon) From United Kingdom68
Maxim Silin (Bigmax) From United States68
Zoran Sostaric (Kizo130_Te) From Croatia68
Lawrence Sunser (Ljsunser) From United States68
Mark De Meer (Maanba) From United Arab Emirates68
Sabin Donciu (Donsabin) From Romania68
Laura Mancini (801Dna) From France68
Capri Bucci (Atp13) From Italy68
Omer Onem (F2G) From Türkiye68
Mike Van Gulik (Bananatree) From Canada68
Claus Hastrup (Cphastrup) From Denmark68
Bob Gorsey (Bobgorsey) From United States68
Daniel Likar (Micica) From Serbia68
Jon Cooke (Mugsmate) From United Kingdom68
Daniel Stone (Dasto) From United States67
Dan Zagorin (Pez007) From United States67
Boutoille Francois (Boubou401) From France67
Johan Säfsten (Johansaf) From Sweden67
Mark Bolotin (Markboloti) From United States67
João Fanha (Jfanha) From Portugal67
Briciu Marius (Mariusb) From Romania67
A.K. Simon (Scrabbler) From Canada67
Arvind Srinivasan (Arvinds) From India67
Rashedul Hasan Ripon (4_Spades) From Bangladesh67
Graham Cox (Grahamcox) From United Kingdom67
Vincent Lui (Cheapcheap) From Hong Kong67
David Birnbaum (Dbirnbaum) From United States67
Carles Acero (Orzuelo) From Spain67
David Peters (Pdavid2) From Israel67
Carlos Dabezies (Cdabezies) From United Kingdom67
Jacques Humble (Brimor_73) From Morocco67
Jakob Kristinsson (Icecold) From United States67
Charley Seelbach (Babushkka) From United States67
Ahmet Babalıoğlu (Bablibo) From Türkiye67
Bertrand Hardy (Bertrand) From France67
Stephen Goldstein (Sdvdg) From United States67
Marc Langevin (Roadrunner) From Canada67
John Stell (Johnworf1) From United Kingdom67
Rainer Retzler (Rainer13) From Romania67
John Rayner (Rayndear) From Canada67
Naresh Kumar Gupta (Nkgupt) From India66
Costa Benguigui-Gkioka (Costastro) From France66
Eli Jolley (Cypress708) From United States66
Ping Yan (Jal1688) From Australia66
Parvulescu Lucian (Plucian) From Romania66
Shahar Zack (Shahar) From Israel66
Rien Eland (Moose84) From Netherlands66
Flippy Lee (Kiyutuuin) From Hong Kong66
Christopher Donnelly (Cpd1985) From United States66
Mark Kinzer (Thekinz) From United States66
Peter Winkler (Cryptopete) From United States66
Durmuş Çalışkan (Efe_) From Türkiye66
Sarper Uslupehlivan (Sarpinsarp) From Türkiye66
John Helme (Jh2704) From United Kingdom66
Armando D'Angelo (Pulcio) From Italy66
Enhao Du (Diandian23) From United States66
Yoram Bavli (Gur) From Israel66
Luwen Koh (Xreborned) From Singapore66
Kinpin Chu (Xh2072) From China66
Peter Hudson (P_T_Red) From United States66
Linda Green (Irwinlinda) From United States65
Anton Pustovoitov (Wirtschaft) From Russia65
Yehudit Hasin (Yu18772) From United States65
Paul Johnson (Papaj) From United States65
Arseny Shur (Kammerer) From Israel65
Michal Czerwonko (Fuzzyquack) From Kazakhstan65
Hemendra Modi (Hpm48) From Kenya65
Igor Grzejdziak (Igorg) From Poland65
Barbara Fieri (Bafieri) From Italy65
Hamza Coban (Hamzaco) From Türkiye65
Rajendra Sirohia (Sirohiaraj) From India65
Amin Hakim (Amin1234) From United States65
Tom Rainforth (Le Poisson) From United Kingdom65
Sue Caulfield (Susiecc) From United States65
Johan Bennet (Jbennet) From Sweden65
Babs Giesbrecht (Babsg) From Canada65
Mingzhe Li (Noner) From China65
Ed Girdler (Edge_) From United Kingdom65
Sridhar Vee (Aiz) From India65
Tom Schlangen (Thetreat) From United States65
Stephen Kwan (Sk1958) From Canada65
Stephen Merriman (smerriman) from New Zealand65
Aviva Kron (Vivitak) From Chile65
Jon Sorkin (Jsorkin) From United States65
Tomasz Modrzejewski (Tommodrzej) From Poland65

The 2023 Annual Competition Winners

We will start the annual competition leader-board after the March competition. The results this month suggest a wide-open competition again.

Of those who finished in the Top 20 of the 2022 annual competition, 11 managed the 65/80 needed to make it onto the January leader-board. Those early pace-setters include: Hanoi Rondon (74), Milko Slavov (71), Pete Law (69), Dave Williams (69), Ian Findlay (69), Peter Lakatos (69), Michael van Gulik (68), Laura Mancini (68), Luwen Koh (66), Stephen Merriman (65) and Babs Giesbrecht (65).