Bidders Challenge 2023-1

Here are the hands for this month’s challenge.

BC 2023-1

BC 2023-1

About the challenge

  1. ONE SUBMISSION PER PLAYER. Anyone who submits more than one set of answers will be disqualified for that round.
  2. IMPs scoring
  3. Entries close on 28th of the month.
  4. The winners, answers and expert comments are published on BBO within a few days of entries closing. You'll know when this happens as you'll receive an email with your score.
  5. BB$ prizes will be awarded every month and at the end of the year for the competitors with the highest cumulative totals from their best nine scores.

Click the Start bidding button below to submit your bids. If you'd prefer to mull over your responses in advance (as we know some of you do), you can download this PDF to see all the hands together on one page before submitting your bids.