Results and Winners Bidders Challenge 2022-9

The Top Bidders for Set 2022-09

A harder set this month, with the average score going down from just over 50 last month to only 41.1/80, but that doesn't seem to have stopped the top bidders from registering yet another high score. Indeed, we have only had four perfect scores in nearly two years (and we are still waiting for the first one from a panellist), but we have two competitors registering a perfect 80/80 to share this month's spoils:

Afshar Majeed (afshar) from Kerala, India
Sasha Cooper (jinksy) from the Netherlands

Sasha has been playing bridge since a cute girl asked him to come to her beginners' classes 16 years ago. Inspired by the noble art of chess boxing, he's attempting to pioneer bridge Brazilian jujitsu, in which he's currently ranked as the world's #2 (of two players - "curse you, Stefano!").

Afshar was one of the very first BBO members: “Although I have still not completed 5000 logins,” he says. “I got the "star emblem" for representing India at the World Youth Team Championship in Toronto in 1997. Having restricted my bridge activities to local events to focus on my family-run business, I am trying to make up lost grounds and I am back actively playing my favourite game.”

Also on the September 'Roll of Honour':

With a score 78/80:

Adam Pawlowski (Adameba) from Poland
Francois Duffour (toutmo) from Paris, France

You need to score 65/80 or more to make the September leader-board, and honourable mentions go to all of those who managed that:

Sasha Cooper (Jinksy) From Netherlands80
Afshar Majeed (Afshar) From India80
Adam Pawlowski (Adameba) From Poland78
François Duffour (Toutmo) From France78
Arvind Srinivasan (Arvinds) From India77
Bertrand Hardy (Ertrand) From France76
Jakub Wojcieszek (K_U_B_A) From Poland76
Chen-Dann Lu (Cdlu) From Taiwan76
Tufan Köse (Capycino) From Turkey76
John Stell (Johnworf1) From United Kingdom76
Ugurcan Suzer (Fulhouse) From Turkey75
Sedat Aluf (Monk99) From Turkey75
Pär Ol-Mårs (Olmar) From Sweden75
Mark Chen (Mark_Chen) From United States75
Jon Cooke (Mugsmate) From United Kingdom74
Alvaro Gaiotti (Thevava) From Italy73
Metecan Kalayci (Mcanist) From Turkey73
Viktor Kolínský (Iex) From Czech Republic73
Steve Allen (Steveallen) From United Kingdom73
Peter Lakatos (Nyul11) From Hungary73
Kinpin Chu (Xh2072) From China73
Stephen Goldstein (Sdvdg) From United States73
Paul Sontag (Pgs58) From Canada73
Peter Law (Petelaw) From United Kingdom73
Andre Renaud (Arenaud) From Canada72
Gillian Paty (Caldeius) From France72
Aymeric Lebatteux (Voldenuit) From France71
Alexander Cook (Spade7) From Australia71
Murat Şensoy (Emartie) From Turkey70
Mehmet Ertinas (Ertinas) From Turkey70
Michael Van Gulik (Bananatree) From Canada70
Hanoi Rondon (Hanoi5) From Chile70
Jean-Luc Lachance (Jllachan) From Canada70
Milko Slavov (Milko_Sl) From Bulgaria70
Venkatesh Ramaratnam (Rv) From India70
Vincent Lui (Cheapcheap) From Hong Kong69
John Lusky (Pachyderms) From United States69
Mike Doecke (Wesleyc) From Australia69
Nick Stevens (Scottie9) From United Kingdom69
Ian Findlay (Findles) From Canada69
Dan Gheorghiu (Dang4503) From Canada69
Robert Lavin (Bridgboy1) From United States69
Daniel Klein (Drdnmnk) From Canada69
David Williams (Dave251164) From United Kingdom69
Ibrahim El Sebahy (Sebahy) From Egypt68
Michael Berkowitz (Berkmb5) From United States68
Luka Žunić (Behemont1) From Croatia68
Lei Tsui (Ltsui10) From United States68
Ken Schutze (Schutze) From United States68
Richard Lawson (Sterman) From United States68
Leo Resk (Resker) From Canada68
Bogdan Veličković (Neznamnija) From Serbia67
Nader Hanna (Darth) From Canada67
Paul Darin (Dagwood) From United States67
Arto Kosonen (Aarrttoo) From Finland67
David Cole (Davidcole) From Germany67
Qiang Zhang (Olddragonz) From United States67
Abdullah Gulsun (Abgulsun) From Turkey66
Robert Kuhnreich (Rkuhnreich) From United States66
Robert Duval (Bobduv) From United States66
Jane Eason (Mawj) From United States66
Silvia Sacco (Sissi_It71) From Italy66
Laura Mancini (801Dna) From France66
Alexandros Zervogiannis (Phoenix 26) From Greece65
David Boxley (Dboxley) From United States65
Bülent Aslan (Baylind) From Turkey65
Filippo Cavallari (Filebb) From Italy65
Sherif Noshy (Chiccco) From Egypt65
Metzdorff Olivier (Meol) From France65
Mark Hatkoff (Markhat) From United States65
Cristina Pouseiro (Tina1975) From Portugal65
Erez Zadik (Erezz) From Israel65
Brad Theurer (Batmanbrad) From United States65
Rishabh Singh (Rishabh) From United States65
Luwen Koh (Xreborned) From Singapore65
Josh Sinnett (Oshoj) From United States65

The 2022 Annual Competition Leaders (after 9 months)

Francois maintains his excellent form with 78/80 this month, extending his lead over everyone else on the leader-board. Luwen’s 65 drops him a couple of places, with everyone else in the Top 9 scoring between 69 and 73. Dave hangs on to second place, but life is about to get much tougher for the top two as players start dropping their weakest scores next month.

Both Francois and Dave have lowest scores in the mid-60s to drop, but most of the chasing pack will be dumping scores in the mid-50s, so they will close the gap by 10 if both score the same. Watch out for Pete, too, currently lying ninth, but with a 48 and a 50 to dispose of. The leaders will also be joined by a handful of players who have missed a month somewhere along to way, and thus so far have only eight registered scores. There will also be a late run by those who currently have only seven scores, led by Douglas.

The outcome of last year’s annual competition was in doubt right up until the end and, with four players still averaging over 70/80, 2022 is looking like it will be just as close.

PlayerGrand Total (lowest score to drop)
Francois Duffour (toutmo) from Paris, France651 (64)
David Williams (dave251164) from Llangollen, Wales639 (65)
Alexander Cook (spade7) from Sydney, Australia635 (55)
Ian T Findlay (findles) from Banff AB Canada633 (56)
Hanoi A Rondon (hanoi5) from Providencia628 (56)
Venkatesh Ramaratnam (rv) from Bengaluru, Karnataka, India627 (55)
Luwen Koh (Xreborned) from Singapore623 (48)
Milko Slavov (milko_sl) from Varna, Bulgaria608 (60)
Peter Law (petelaw) from Broadstairs603 (48)
Va Ena (fachiru) from Taos NM596 (57)
Laura Mancini (801dna) from Paris France587 (53)
Dan Gheorghiu (DanG4503) from Victoria, BC, Canada585 (46)
Babs Giesbrecht (bABsG) from Canada584 (56)
Shahar Zack (shaharz) from kiryat motzkin584 (60)
Paul Dubois (pottsca) from El Cajon, CA USA581 (49)
Claude Candillier (capri13) from Peyrolles en Provence, France 576 (58)
Brad Theurer (batmanbrad) from Gaithersburg, MD USA574 (51)
Patrick Shields (patr1cks) from Cheltenham571 (56)
Josh Sinnett (oshoj) from Bellingham, WA, United States568 (53)
Adam Magyar (Sundiszno) from Budapest561 (56)
Juliano Barbosa (JBarbosa) from Seixal Portugal560 (49)
Gianni Hsieh (wakanari) from Sammamish546 (46)
Pär Ol-Mårs (olmar) from Sweden546 ()
peter lakatos (nyul11) from Budapest542 ()
Enhao Du (diandian23) from Newbury Park, USA538 (44)
Athanasiadis Alex (alati) from Thessaloniki, Greece537 (48)
Alex Green (Galexy) from Sydney Australia532 (50)
John C Osher (J5280) from Denver529 (49)
David Johnson (davidmj) from Calgary Canada526 (52)
John R Mayne (JRMayne) from Modesto, CA, USA526 ()
Jon Cooke (Mugsmate) from United Kingdom526 ()
C Billiet (cbilliet) from Netherlands523 (41)
Mani Gupta (Manig) from USA523 (43)
Rishabh Singh (rishabh) from San Jose523 (41)
Raj Agarwal (badesh) from Cambridge, MA, USA519 (51)
Adrian Pang (MP7601) from Hong Kong, China518 ()
Andreas Persson (Rosengatan) from Mullsjö518 (47)
John MacGregor (johnmacg) from Halifax, NS517 ()
Michael van Gulik (Bananatree) from Belleville Canada515 ()
Capri Bucci (atp13) from Rome Italy514 ()
Stephen Kwan (sk1958) from Toronto/Canada510 (25)
Manuel Oliveira (m oliveira) from Estoril - Portugal506 ()
Charles Nudelman (soxguy) from Northbrook,IIllinois506 (47)
Tobias Bern (xtober) from Sweden505 ()
Benjamin Bomber (soccertoo) from Portland501 (44)
John Stell (johnworf1) from United Kingdom498 ()
Marian Tomov (Marit) from Bulgaria494 (37)
Chen-Dann Lu (CDLU) from Taiwan493 ()
Mark Bennett (upstate) from United States493 (45)
Bruce Ballard (2milo) from New Zealand491 (47)
Jarek Langer (jarek444) from Austin TX USA490 ()
Jean-Luc Lachance (jllachan) from Canada488 (37)
Thanassis Akylas (aakylas) from Greece486 (35)
Douglas Schmickrath (P0STM0RTEM) from San Francisco CA, USA486 ()
peter hudson (p_t_red) from Coppell486 (30)
Robert Goldbloom (DrG81) from Hastings-on-Hudson, NY, USA485 (45)
Daniel Klein (drdnmnk) from Victoria, B.C., Canada484 ()
Lei Tsui (ltsui10) from United States484 ()
Erez Zadik (erezz) from Israel483 (43)
Rasmus Maide (dst463) from Espoo, Finland481 ()
Karen Byrne Barrett (karenbbarr) from Norwalk, CT481 (45)
Phil Grella (yawker) from United States481 (46)
Arto Kosonen (Aarrttoo) from Finland479 (34)
James Sampson (jtsamp1) from Lake Worth478 (27)
Karle Joys (kjoys) from Canada477 (29)
Mostafa Mohamed (therudy) from Fort Lee477 ()
Timothy Prior (brimstone) from United Kingdom475 ()
Nikolaos (nikrek) from Papamichalopoulos475 (17)
borislav dobroykov (b_dobroyko) from Drogheda474 (36)
Ashot Harutunyan (ashoth_14) from Canada474 (35)
Judith Morissette (juju4) from Canada474 (42)
Rumen Georgiev (RBG) from United States474 (39)
Michael Fay (Mouse75) from United Kingdom473 (34)