BBO Upgraded - Video Chat improvements

Here's some excellent news for you. BBO web Version 6.1.0 is here, bringing significant improvements to your video chat experience.

What's new
  • You can now minimize, or close the video chat widget. You can also restore it at any time.
  • While your microphone is on, sound effects from BBO are muted. When it's off, sound effects are audible again.
  • While your video is minimized, it's possible to turn off the incoming sound (mute all).

Click here to read all About Video Chat on BBO.

If you're a virtual club manager click here for a Video Chat Guide for Club Managers.

Video Chat can be used:
  • in all types of tournaments (individual, pairs, swiss teams).
  • in team matches
  • at casual tables

All virtual club managers already have the ability to use free Video Chat in their games. Type +video+ in your table, team match or tournament description and that's it!

The BBO platform is regularly updated to make it faster and more reliable for you. Updates are based on your feedback, so please contact us at with comments, and suggestions.

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