Price Changes as of January 24, 2022

Dear BBO player,
We’re committed to provide you with the best possible bridge experience. On January 24, BBO will adjust the entry fee for some of its games:

  • BBO Daylongs (Just Declare Daylong, Daylong Tournaments MP/IMP) / 0.42 BB$
  • ACBL Robot Duplicate 18 MP / 1.89 BB$
  • ACBL Robot Duplicate Classic MP & IMP / 1.35 BB$
  • ACBL Robot Duplicate MP & IMP / 1.35 BB$
  • ACBL Daylong 18 MP / 2.09 BB$
  • ACBL Daylong MP & IMP / 1.45 BB$

Thank you for being a valued member of the BBO community. 

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