Price Changes from November 22, 2021

Author: BBO Team
Date: November 15, 2021

Dear BBO player,
We’re committed to provide you the best possible bridge experience. On November 22 BBO will adjust the entry fee for some of its games:

  • ACBL 12 board Speedball Pairs and Individual – 1.39 BB$
  • ACBL 18 board Open Pairs and 499er Pairs – 2.29 BB$
  • ACBL 0-20 and 299er Daylongs – 1.35 BB$
  • ACBL Instant Tournaments MP and IMP – 1.35 BB$
  • Robot Duplicate MP – 0.39 BB$
  • Robot Duplicate IMP – 0.39 BB$

The entry fee for all other BBO and ACBL games, including Open Daylongs and Robot Duplicates, will remain unchanged.
Thank you for being a valued member of the BBO community. 


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