Guide for Directing BBOFest Tournaments

Please use the latest version of BBO when directing the BBOFest games. Do not use a mobile device, you need a full screen to properly manage large lists of tables and access the various tournament settings.

When your tournament starts, you can access it by clicking the Director tab, to your right, then Running Tournaments –> click on the tournament you want to manage.

You will notice there are more options available in the drop-down menu, such as substituting a player, adjust scores, reseat player, etc.

You can also find your tournaments in progress by clicking Virtual Clubs -> BBO World -> Running tournaments.

Or, another possible path is Free Tournaments >>Running >>use Search box.

To see the tables in play, click on the box where you see how many tables are in that tournament

Show Tables

After tournament starts you can either see the tables by finding your tournament in the list of Running tournaments, or you can view a tourney's tables by clicking on "Show Tables" in the director options for that particular tournament.

To join a table click on the number of the table

Edit Team Match

Do not edit the Team Match (the tournament) because it is possible to cancel some settings!


If you have sitouts these will be replaced automatically by BBO with 2 robots when the tournament starts.

Director Calls

During the tournament, if a player needs assistance they will choose “Call Director” from their menu. When they do this, a call will appear on your screen in the “Director Calls” area.
To accept this call, click on the call and choose “Accept”. You will then be taken to the table, where you can gather more information and attend to the call.

If there are more calls from same table, take 1 call (click on Accept) and Delete others calls. Be sure are calls you delete are from same table, same tournament.


Replace a player with a robot: Right click on the player >> Click Substitute Select >> write the word robot and click on Substitute Now

Replace a player with a human substitute: If you want to replace someone with another player, choose your substitute player from the Substitutes list and click on Substitute Now

Permanently replace a player: In BBOFest games, if a player loses connection, they are automatically reseated when they come back online, if their tourney is still in progress. Sometimes, you want to replace a player permanently. To permanently assign a substitute to their seat and prevent the replaced player from being sucked back into his place, do: Sub – Select: aurora with aurora. This permanently gives the seat to user aurora

In the Candy Apple 0-500 Points tournaments we should try to use only players who have 0-500 BBO points as substitutes (BBO award symbol 8 or lower).

You can also substitute a player with a robot or with another player using the TD tools. Go to tools >> Substitute >> and write the names of the players.

Reseat player

Players who are disconnected will be automatically placed back on their seat at the end of the board in progress if they come back online and the tourney is still in progress. You can also use the “Reseat player” option in the Director tools to reseat a player immediately.

Go to Director tools >> Reset player >> write the name of the player you want to take in back and click on OK. They will be reseated when next hand starts.

If you want to reseat a player immediately, mark the checkbox "Reseat Immediately" and click on OK

Adjust Score

Uncompleted boards are scored as Average (50% or zero IMPs). The Director can assign artificial scores of Average + or Average – or any combination of Ave+Ave-Ave=

Uncompleted boards are automatically adjusted when there are just a few tricks left. If human review is needed, unfinished boards are displayed in the Director panel at the end of each round.

We adjust the hands only if it is possible, if there are enough played tricks, if you can count the direct tricks without any play artifice. If we are not sure what the result is better we don't adjust.

If there are unfinished hands you will see a call: "Board 4 - Adjust Score". When you click on that call, click on Show deal and open the hand. You can check and adjust it.

If you are at the table click on the blue button with 3 lines and you can adjust the hand

If you click on "Show double dummy" GIB will show you what the score can be. But don't adjust double dummy, the players do not play with all cards in view. It is very rare that you need to adjust a board -- in the vast majority of cases, the result is unclear because not enough tricks were played and you can leave it as Ave==

If a player ask you to check a played hand.

Go to director tools >> Player's Results >> write the name of the player >> click OK and now you can see all his played hands. Choose the hand you want to check and that hand will open in a new window.

Click on "Next Card" to see what card he played.

If you need to adjust click on the blue button with 3 lines >> click on "Adjust Score" .

If you want to give them ave=+ click on the down arrow near the Cotract button choose Ave Ave+ and click on Adjust.

Player's Results

If you need to check a hand played by a player: Go to Director tools >> Player's Results >> write the name of the player and click on OK. You can see hands played by that player and you can click on any hand to check/adjust it

Tournament status

Use this option to see how many tables are still in play, and which. It helps keeping the pace of play for all tables -- you can see who is behind and join their table to check if there is a problem.

Table History and Player History

These option are useful for TDs when they want to check what happened at one table or what a player has done/ said.

Go to Director tools click on Table History or Player History write the table number or the player username and click on OK.

This information is confidential, to help you determine the facts. Do not disclose it to the the players and do not share with anyone outside the BBO TD team.

Board Traveller

As a TD you can check what others tables played for any specific hand. Go to Director tools >> Board Traveller. Write the number of the board and you can see what all tables have played on that hand.

Chat to Tournament

Chat -> Tournament allows you to make announcements to the entire tournament. You can use Chat -> Tournament before a game starts, and in this case it will message all registered pairs, or after the tournament has completed. For a game that has ended, the chat goes to all players who played the tournament.

Chat Manager

The Chat Manager is a tool that allows you to prepare and save "canned" phrases that you need to use frequently. Click on chat area >> Chat Manager. Chose what message you want to send. Direct it on Tournament chat and click on Chat to send your message.

Destroy Tournament

Don't use this option. If you ever need to destroy a tournament, contact your manager.

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