Don't miss our Black Friday!

(This promotion has ended)

This year we've got some nice juicy offers for you. You'll earn bonus BB$ with your purchase and enjoy BBO Games for half price.

Bonus on your BB$ Purchase

Yes, that's right, Thursday or Friday, buy 50 BB$ or more in our BB$ Store and get a bonus! (limited to one promo purchase per person; Promotion not valid for mobile app store sales.)

How it works? Is it restricted? What are the conditions? Here is all you need to know:

WhenNovember 26 and 27 (US time)
WhatBuy 50 BB$ → get 10 BB$ free
Buy 100 BB$ → get 25 BB$ free
Buy 200 BB$ → get 60 BB$ free
ConditionsPromo not valid on mobile app stores.
One promo offer per BBO customer
• If you have the "auto-refill" option, make a manual purchase of 50 BB$ or more to receive your bonus
How it worksClick here and buy 50, 100, or 200 BB$. You'll get a confirmation of your purchase
• To verify your bonus was deposited, login to BBO, click on BB$ (top right corner), and select Account Activity

50% discount on all BBO games

Today and tomorrow, all BBO's human tournaments and Robot tournaments will be half price! Look for Host name "BBO" and have fun playing!

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105 comments on “Don't miss our Black Friday!”

  1. Why do I keep getting the offer to get 50% off
    When the 26th & 27th have long passed - I missed out somehow although I did apply.
    Perhaps I gave the wrong card number.

  2. I paid in Friday evening (South Africa) in fact I think I inadvertently paid twice but left it at that - that was for $50 (or may be $100) but nothing was deducted from my bank account.
    And cannot find it on my cell phone, so it was have been deleted. I am upset my purchase did not go through in spite of you questioning
    My second, inadvertent attempt

  3. I just purchased 50BB$ using link from Black Friday offer message expecting to receive a 10BB$ bonus. I would not have bought these otherwise. I can now see (when I click through for details) that this offer is no longer valid but I think that it is misleading when you send me a message informing me of an offer which has already expired so I could not possibly use it! It has a button in the middle to click to buy BB$ under the Bonus offer so that should surely only work with the offer

  4. I tried to buy $50 worth for Black Friday, and my account showed $20. Can that be refunded, so I can take advantage of the Black Friday deal?

  5. I just purchased $40 of BB$ this morning ... and missed the offer. If I were now to purchase another $60 worth could I get the $25 bonus for the $100 buy in? Seems fair. Please let me know

  6. Apparently my password was not corrected and I requested a new one so that I could take advantage of the saving but have not received the email.

    Will I get the email with the new password by the end of the day.

  7. Por error compré un bono de 20$ y quería comprarlo de 50 para la promoción del black friday.
    Es posible mandar los 30 restantes y acogerme a esa promoción?
    O devolverme los 20 y mandar 50.
    Muchas gracias.
    Jesus Angulo

  8. I don't understand why if I bought 50$ the usual way I didn't get 10$ extra as my partner did. This is a cheat. Patricia Wills

  9. I purchased $50 on Wed evening PST and received a $10 bonus unaware of the Black Friday Deal. I now just purchased another $200 and recieved no deal.
    I would appreciate if the accountants at BBO would make the adjustment.

  10. Hi,

    I purchased $200 worth of BBO dollars and was told on the web site there was a reduction today to $160, however I have been charged $200 can you please look into this and get back to me ASAP.

    My BBO name is sharp mary

    Thank you,


  11. Does the money plus bonus purchased today work for BBO virtual club games?

    I only play in my local club games on BBO and wondered if the purchase is deposited in my regular account.

  12. Having trouble buying my $200 BBO dollars for bonus dollars. Have to do it today. I have auto purchase set up. I will be using a credit card.

  13. I followed the directions on the email and made the purchase by clicking where instructed from my i pad.
    Cannot find the extra points.

  14. I purchased 100 BBO dollars under the promo and received my $25 bonus. At the time I hadn't realized I could buy $200 and receive an additional $60. Is there a way for me to upgrade to the $200/$60 promo?

  15. Today Black Friday I purchased $200 of BBO money and I was not credited appropriately. please correct as per your advertising.

  16. Yes, I am rotted. I put in 200 dollars and I did not get the 60 promo.
    After reading the comments below I realized that I had put 50 dollars in on the 25th,
    And I received the promo then which I was unaware of until I read the comments below.
    Will this be fixed for us unfortunates? Thank you

  17. I had Purchased 50BB$ on November 15th . Today (the 16th) I purchased $200.00 and no $60.00 bonus accrued. Please correct as per your advertising.

  18. Thanks BBO for all that you do. You very clearly stated how the purchase bonus works and the 1/2 price for BBO games. Now you just need people to read it. Everything works as stated. Thanks.

    1. The process is automatic
      So there is no further prompt that you will receive the bonus
      If this is included, then it is much clearer and allys the fear of buyers

      Happy Thanksgiving

  19. I'm confused. Is BBO Prime a magazine and if so I'm interested in giving a subscription to someone as a gift.
    If not, why not initiate a monthly magazine????

  20. I just played a solitaire hand in which the declarer (W) took my A and then my Q of clubs when each was a ranking card in no Trump.

  21. My bbo acct filled this morning before i came to play today. i wanted to take advanatage of the
    $200 offer. i have put that into my account just now. can you please adjust my account to reflect
    the saving.

    1. All BBO’s human tournaments and Robot tournaments will be half price! Look for Host name “BBO” and have fun playing!

  22. I needed to buy dollars yesterday and bought 50 had I known it was a 1 time promo before hand I would of bought the 200 which I did buy today is there anyway I can get the bonus on the 200 I bought today anticipating the bonus and I can I cancel the 50.00 purchase if that is what I need to do.

  23. Like so many others I bought 100 BB$ before the promotion was announced. I didn't learn of the promotion until the $25 showed up in my account. If I had known of the promotion I, as so many others, would have bought $200 instead. BBO should fix this or their credibility will take a hit.

  24. I just purchased $100 and my balance was $27.80 but new balance says $139.80 which means I’m short by $13??? What’s up with that?????


  26. Have you considered some type of buying in for "rubber Bridge scoring" for those of us that were not with bbo early enough?

  27. I just purchased $50 US in the BBO web site and paid with PayPal how can I be sure I got the extra 10 bnos?

  28. I purchased $40.00 before I read your email, so I purchased another $10 a half hour later. Will I still get your bonus $10 added to my account?

  29. I have only Visa debit card.With this I am
    unable to buy since it require credit card.
    Can you guide me how to buy from Debit card.
    I am from India. ThNKS.

  30. I bought 200 BB$. I got additional 60. It says that all BBO games are 50% off. I played one instant game and was charged full amount of $ 1.25 BB$. WHY? How do we get the promo 50% off as you are advertising?

  31. Thanks for this promo and for the continuing support of this great game!!

    Please offer more opportunities to earn silver, silver, silver!!!

  32. Je joue sur mon iPad et les dollars bbo sont plus cher
    Pour 10 dollars bbo je paie près de 17 €
    Pourriez vous m’envoyer un lien ou ça me coûterait moins cher

  33. Je joue sur mon iPad et les dollars bbo sont plus cher
    Pour 10 dollars bbo je paie près de 17 €
    Pourriez vous m’envoyer un lien ou ça me coûterait moins cher

  34. Thanks - that worked great. Any plans for any SILVER tournaments? I really need Silver points - and there is no where in the world to get them. Thanks for thinking about us poor beginners...

  35. Since I am from Canada I always have to pay in us funds which gets expensive if I buy 20 dollars Canadian money I usually have to pay 27 dollars would you consider giving Canadian players a little discount it would certainly be appreciated.

  36. I bought $50 early on 11/25 and was credited w $10. The offer was not scheduled to begin until 11/26. Please let me know about how I can take advantage of the $200 offer. Thank you.

    1. I did exactly the same on 11/25 (yesterday)..If I knew, I would have purchased $200 but the offer was not published until today (11/26). Did you get an answer to your comment? Thanks.

      1. Theoretically, your purchase of 11/25 should not interfere with your purchase of 11/26 or 11/27. Because, the announcement clearly says purchase on Friday and Thursday.

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